Ouch! That’s Abandonment!

Over 90% of like-minded people do just that and never return.

“I bought a Vax carpet washer and it ruined my carpet! It could not suck up the water and soaked my carpet.”

“My carpet is still damp and stained where the Vax was used. Now there’s another problem – it stinks, really badly.”

“I blame Vax carpet washer for ruining my carpet. It could not suck up the water which has now lead to staining and now my carpet stinks! My carpet needs to be replaced, but Vax won’t do anything.” – money saving expert

Do these comments sound familiar?

So the question is, why is the Vax carpet washer not living up to its claims?

Let’s examine the 3 comments above.

Wet, Stinky and Stained!

Firstly, “My carpets are soaked”

This is always the case when it comes to shop-bought carpet cleaners.

They simply don’t have enough extraction power to remove the water from your carpets.

You end up dumping more water onto your carpets than it can suck up, leaving them soaked for days.

Secondly, “My carpets stink!”

We all know what happens to your fabric clothing when left damp or wet for days in your laundry basket.

Yip, you guessed it, it stinks! It’s the same with your carpet.

Mould quickly grows and your carpet ends up stinking like a bucket of prawns in the midday sun!

Finally, “My carpets are stained”

Over-wetting your carpet can cause excess water to seep down into the backing. This can cause colour and dirt to rise up from the backing and stain your carpet.

This is similar to what happened to this lady I wrote about in my blog Don’t DIY or this will happen.

Question. Can you see the connection between these 3 comments?

Answer: Over wet carpets.

Yes, over wetting carpets can lead to numerous problems like staining, mould and odour problems.

You won’t get any of these problems with professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning.

Our 18hp Truck Mounted carpet cleaner has staggering amounts of suction. Your carpets are left not far off dry.

Plus, you’ll save time and money because unlike these unfortunate people above, you won’t have to replace your carpets or spend your good money on a useless machine.

Double plus, you can SAVE MONEY with our multi-room discounts.

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