Carpet Moth – A Pesky Little Insect

According to the Daily Mail Online, moths have invaded Britain’s homes at an alarming rate!

As professional certified textile pest control technicians ourselves, We have seen at first hand what these pesky little critters can do.

We have seen a surge in the number of call-outs we have received throughout this past year.

And sadly, have dealt with many homeowners who have spent well over £3000 on their wool carpets only to be devastated by this insidious creepy crawlies.

If you see this damage below on your Wool carpet then call us now before its too late!

Carpet moth damage to a carpet

So, why the increase in moth attacks? Well, mild weather is to blame along with our widespread use of central heating.

Our mild British winter weather has provided ideal breeding conditions for the Moths to thrive and torment families and ruining wool carpets of homeowners across Britain.

Moths Attack! Know Your Enemy

Camouflaged and sneaky, carpet moths get by hiding and lurking in undisturbed, darker areas of your home to lay their eggs, for instance along your skirting boards, underneath your sofas, and even under your bed!

The moth itself is relatively harmless, pose no harm to your health, and only live for about 2-3 months.

Yet, the adult moth is not all that innocent as it may seem, the risk they propose is further egg laying, around 100 a week in fact!

Worse still, the larvae can go from egg to adult in as little as 8 weeks, resulting in several armies during the summer.

Your skin crawling yet, mine is, and it gets worse.

Carpet moth larvae

The eggs lay dormant for approximately 4 to 10 days before hatching and that’s when the trouble starts!

Their speed of development depends partly on the warm temperatures, which explains the unprecedented rise in carpet moth infestations.

But as I said, it’s not the moths that are chewing up your carpets, it’s actually their larvae that eat the carpet fibres.

Wool contains a protein called Keratin, and this is what the larvae survive on. They will chew away at your carpet fibres, devouring it inch by inch.

Tips On Protecting Your Home and Reducing Moth Numbers

There is a number of things you can do to reduce and prevent carpet moth invasions

1. Vacuum every nook and cranny daily. Especially under your bed, sofas and along your skirting boards, these are the areas that moths will gather.

2. Don’t put away dirty clothes says, Dr Randle.

She adds: ‘Moths prefer dirty clothes and love sweat residue, so if you put your clothes away unwashed, or put off taking stained coats and suits to be dry cleaned, it’s very much like leaving crumbs out and attracting mice.’

3. Move furniture regularly. Remember, moths inhabit less disturbed and darker areas. Moving furniture often will create a less alluring environment to lay their eggs in.

4. If you have a continued problem with carpet moths invading your home, consider replacing your wool carpets with synthetic ones.

5. Get your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will help reduce and prevent the spread of moths.

Rid Your Home Of Carpet Moth – Professionally

DIY elimination attempts simply won’t work. If your serious about banishing these pests from your home then you need to call in a professional.

We are certified textile pest control technicians are able to rid your home of carpet moth effectively and most importantly, safely.

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Treatment depends on whether you want a nuclear approach for fast acting or a more safe approach. I myself don’t fancy the hard-hitting approach, particularly around pets and youngsters.

Natural treatments may require two visits, yet when your health is at risk, it seems the plausible option.

Got a question? Call us today!