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Hey there! and Thank You for your interest in our tile and stone floor cleaning Newport service.

Marble floor cleaning in Newport

Are you FRUSTRATED with your hard floors looking drab, dull or hazy? Not forgetting that annoying build-up of grease and dirt.

I’m guessing that’s the case.

But, there’s good news…

We can restore any natural stone or tile floor to a LIKE NEW condition.

You too can have a SPARKLING clean floor that can make your home interior totally unique.

Our Flawless Restoration Process

Flawless floors in all their glory! Take a look now.

Your Floors Back to a Beautifully Finish!

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Award-Winning Hard Floor Cleaning and Restoration In Newport

Natural stone and porcelain tiles designs are so beautiful and considering what they cost, it’s worth keeping up the maintenance to save you money in the long run.

Kevin and I (Mair) are exceptional tile and stone floor cleaners and restoration specialists in Newport.

At CSB Floor Care, we deal with all types of floors including Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Terracotta, Terrazzo, Quartz, Porcelain, Ceramic, Slate, Victorian tiles and so on.

Furthermore, we provide a crack and scratch repair service so you can enjoy a flawless floor throughout.

Latest Travertine Project

We just loved restoring this travertine floor.

Newport Travertine floor cleaning before and after

So, The Question is, What Can We Do For You?

Helping you figure out what you want from your tile or stone floors is simple. Just book your free demo and head over to our example page and check out what shine level you would prefer (natural stone only).

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Our Services:

  • Polish and restore your natural stone floors to a matte, semi-gloss or high shine. It’s YOUR CHOICE!
  • A contemporary clean and seal for natural stone and porcelain tiles.
  • Fill holes
  • Crack and scratch repair
  • Apply colour enhancer (a sealant that amplifies your stone floors beautiful colours and tones).

Furthermore, we provide the cleaning of carpet and upholstery in Newport.

So, as you can see, we can do everything you want and nothing you don’t want!


Just so you know, this is us!


Kevin and Mair Carpet Cleaners Newport

We are a hardworking, husband and wife team that LOVE restoring your hard floors and creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in your home.

Not forgetting…

Years of experience in tile and stone floor cleaning Newport and throughout South Wales.

Take a look at our Award Winning work below.

Victorian Tile Floor Cleaning

Striking Victorian tile floor hallway over 100 years old. Restored and sealed.

Victorian tiled floor clean in Newport

Limestone Floor Cleaning

Take a look at this Marble floor below. This floor was dull and hazy so we restored it back to the high shine it once had.

Polished white Limestone floor before and after in Newport

Our Creative Work

To see our most recent jobs, go ahead and browse our work portfolio.

Slate Floor

Newport slate floor clean

Travertine Floor

Polished Travertine floor clean in Newport

Marble Floor

Marble floor before after polishing