Yes. We carefully move any furniture that’s movable within reason.

We will not be able to move large TV displays or Welsh dressers full of ornaments for safety reasons.

All we kindly ask is, that you remove any delicate ornaments out of the areas we are cleaning and please remove toys and any other small objects off the floor.

Yes, of course. Forget all the myths you’ve heard! Woollen carpets are completely cleanable.

You wouldn’t wear your woollen jumper for years without washing it, would you?

We have been cleaning woollen carpets for over 25 years. Don’t sweat, our gentle cleaning solutions are completely safe on wool.

Kev loves a dark black coffee/expresso. Me on the other hand, I’ll have a double whiskey! Haha…only kidding. Unless you’re having one of course 😉

Yes. Our cleaning solutions are baby safe, pet safe and asthma and allergen friendly.

Having a chemical sensitivity myself, I ensure that all solutions we use are non-detergent and eco-friendly.

We do not use any harsh chemicals.

We use a petrol driven, Truckmount Hydramaster Boxxer carpet cleaning system on all carpet cleaning jobs we attend.

Truck mounted carpet cleaners are the most powerful, dynamic, cleaning machines available.

With immense suction and serious high heat cleaning capability.

Truckmounts are the most effective way to clean carpets.

All cleans will be carried out by the Award Winning carpet cleaning technicians, Kevin and Mair.

We are fully qualified and highly skilled trained technicians.

We have completed and passed the NCCA extensive training course and exam.

The NCCA only grants membership to highly skilled technicians and we are proud to say that we are FULL advanced members.

We have also completed the carpet, upholstery and advanced stain removal course by Solutions.

Furthermore, we have completed and passed the Alltec upholstery course.

And there’s more…

For further information on our qualifications, visit our Awards & Accreditation page.

No. Our Truckmount is very powerful, it’s designed to remove most of the moisture from your carpet. Your carpets will feel slightly damp to the touch.

Realistically, your carpets will take about 2-4hrs to dry under normal conditions.

Drying times do vary due to a number of factors. For instance, wool is more absorbent than man-made fibres, hence a woollen carpet will take longer to dry.

Weather is another determining factor. In hot weather, your carpets will dry rapidly compared to colder weather.

Therefore we advise you to leave some sort of heating on to aid drying, especially when the humidity is high.

Yes. We will provide you with blue overshoes…CIA style!

Nope, no way.

Why’s that?

I’ve written a fair amount about these pesky little things.

Read all about carpet moth here.