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Award Winning Tile and Stone Floor Cleaning Cardiff, Bridgend And Cowbridge

We are a local, national award-winning team providing exceptional tile and stone floor cleaning Cardiff, Bridgend, Cowbridge and throughout South Wales.

Before and after Limestone floor cleaning Cardiff

  • Restore the shine to your stone floors
  • No more dull or cloudy appearance
  • Remove built up grime
  • Apply sub sealants for protection
  • Enlighten the colours and textures of your floor
  • A choice of dressings and finishes

And as a bonus

You’ll get a FREE 6 month supply of natural floor cleaner (worth £24.99).

Watch Our Stone Floor Restoration Process

Actionable, inspirational, and a pretty darn entertaining video. Watch it now! You won’t regret it.

CSB – Always A Beautiful Finish!

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Advanced Vinyl, Tile and Stone Floor Cleaning Bridgend and Cardiff

Breathing life and beauty back into your floors is our passion!

There’s no question about it, we’re all aware that hard flooring can be expensive. You want to ensure that your floor ALWAYS looks its best and is well cared for.

The uplifting news is…

…that nurturing your tile and stone floors doesn’t have to be costly.

With our revolutionary stone, tile and hard floor cleaning and restoration service, we restore even the most heavily soiled Slate, Limestone, Marble and all natural stone to a “LIKE-NEW” brilliance in a single visit.

At a very competitive price!

An Exquisite Outcome for this Travertine Floor

This is Mrs Lucas’s farmhouse kitchen Travertine floor in Cowbridge. To begin with, we had to remove the wax and only then could we polish the tiles and seal them the next morning.

Travertine stone floor cleaning Bridgend

Breathtakingly Beautiful Floors: Restoration of Travertine, Limestone, Marble, and Stone Floor Cleaning in Cardiff

You can depend on CSB to keep your hard-surface floors looking their best.

Better still, we have over 25 years’ experience of cleaning and maintaining a variety of floor surfaces.

Look at what we’re skilled in restoring:

  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Ceramic and Porcelain
  • Flagstone and Sandstone
  • Travertine
  • Vinyl floors

Whether it’s your office lobby, conservatory, hotel reception, exquisite kitchen or bathroom, we can help.

Call Kevin or Mair now on 01656 859 611 or 07716 364 148 and let us restore the natural beauty back into your hard floors.

Latest Project

I’m not kidding, but this was a tough job, yet we very much enjoyed restoring this luxury kitchen travertine floor in Bridgend.

Polished Travertine floor cleaning in Cardiff

Benefits of our Tile Floor Cleaning Service in Cardiff

As leaders in tile and stone floor cleaning Cardiff, Bridgend, Cowbridge and throughout South Wales, we are perfectly placed to offer a first class reliable hard floor cleaning service with proven results.

So, here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Superior clean and long lasting shine
  • Choose your desired finish
  • Highlights your floors wonderful colours
  • Polished surface enhances the light and space in your room
  • Enhances your floors texture and tones

And get this.

You’ll receive a FREE Bottle of floor cleaner worth £24.99.

Victorian Tile Floor Cleaning

Beautiful Victorian tile floor over 100 years old. Cleaned, sealed and satin dressed.

Waxed dresses Victorian tiled floor

Why Choose our Stone Floor Cleaning Company in Cardiff

In our armoury, we possess a vast number of conventional and high-tech equipment that makes our exceptional floor cleaning and restoration system unique.

What’s more, we are highly skilled and experienced specialists in the science of keeping your hard floors looking beautiful.

Let’s look at the advantages of choosing us:

  • Husband and Wife Team
  • Genuine Reviews
  • Full Liability Insurance
  • Highly Skilled Technicians
  • 25 Years Experience

Last but not least…

…we just LOVE restoring hard floors!

Ceramic Floor Cleaning

This is Claire’s ceramic tile floor in her farmhouse on the outskirts of Cardiff. The floor had a large build-up of dirt and as you can see, the difference is massive:

Before and after clean of a Ceramic floor in Cardiff

Here’s one Happy Customer!

When you start to notice your stone floor is becoming dull and gloomy, you know it’s time to call Kevin and Mair, your local hard floor cleaning technicians.

Liz Davies did exactly that and she never looked back. Just read what Liz had to say about our slate floor restoration service.

Written facebook review of CSB for floor cleaning

Slate Floor Restoration

This is Liz’s slate floor we cleaned in Cardiff. Slate is naturally dull in colour, therefore we applied a colour enhancing sealant which gave the floor a deep rich colour.

Slate floor cleaning with colour enhancer in Cardiff

Plenty More Award-Winning Work Examples on our Portfolio Page

Preserving Your Floors Natural Beauty

Your stone, tile or marble flooring demands gentle care to keep its elegant look.

But over time, layer upon layer of stains, bacteria, and soil deposits will have accumulated on the surface and in the crevices of the material. Which by the way, you can’t clean with your traditional mopping and chemical cleaning methods.

Here is an example of a Marble floor we diamond polished for our lovely client in Cardiff recently.

Kitchen in Cardiff with polished marble floor

In every job including yours, we will choose a cleaning technique and nourishing formula that is specifically formulated for or your type of hard floor. Ensuring all the dirt, grease, grime, bacteria and stains are removed. While at the same time REVIVING the look of your hard floor, saving their worth and glamour.

Your tile and stone floors will look immediately cleaner and last longer.

Highly Polished Marble

Stunningly bliss ensuite bathroom we polished to a high shine chosen by our customer.

High shine polished marble floor in Cardiff

Specialists Natural Stone and Hard Floor Cleaning Process in Bridgend and Cardiff

Clean and Seal Option Only – For all types of floors.

Please note: The following step by step method is our standard process for the clean and seal option. If you require a gloss or high polished finish, our diamond polishing service would be a great option.

Step 1: First off, we remove all loose debris from the surface of your floor.

Step 2: After a thorough detailed inspection of your floor, we will choose a cleaning technique and pick out the right deep-nourishing formula that is both thorough and sensitive to the precise needs of your floor.

Step 3: At this point, we will begin to deep clean the tiles and grout lines to remove dirt, chemical residues and grease build-up using our robust floor machine. And of course, we patiently take our time at this stage, ensuring an optimum clean.

Step 4: Last but one, we then remove all the loosened dirt and grime using a wet vacuum. Finally, we rinse the floor using our high pressured machine that removes any residues left after cleaning.

Step 5: When we return the next morning, the floor will be fully dry and looking beautiful. It’s only at that point we can apply an impregnating sealant to protect the floor’s surface.

Clean, Polish and Seal Option – Natural Stone (excluding slate)

Please note: This option is for the majority of natural stone tiles only. Unfortunately, you cannot polish porcelain, ceramic or slate tiles, therefore refer to the clean and seal option.

Same as above, we carry out Step 1-5.

Step 6: Now, our most favourite part, we will start polishing the marble using our hybrid pads.

What are Hybrid pads?

Hybrid Pads are attached to the bottom of our polishing machine. These pads contain thousands of microscopic diamonds and resins which ever so lightly remove a tiny layer off the surface on the stone.

Our pads range from coarse (to remove deep scratches) to fine grit (for a mirror finish).

To begin with, we start with a lower grade grit pad and work our way up through each pad stage by stage until we reach your desired finish.

Step 7: Finally, we rinse the floor to ensure the floor is clear. Once that’s done, we need to leave the floor to dry completely overnight.

Step 8: Once dry and gleaming, we will apply an impregnating sealant to protect your floors future.

Colour enhancing sealant can be applied (if desired) to bring out the colours.

Satin wax dressing can be applied to Victorian tiles to give them a slight sheen – See photos opposite.

Another Eye-catching Result

Hang on to your seat because this is simply bliss! A 15-year-old Catania honed Limestone floor that we restored to a subtle shine. Looks pretty awesome, right?

Polished Limestone floor in Cardiff after restoration

Make Your Floors The Focal Point Of Your Premises in Bridgend

Presentation of your premises remains as an implicit advertisement of your business.

Nothing impacts more on the initial introduction to guests of an organisation’s premises than a spotless floor with a profound sparkle!

I think you’ll agree with me when I say, that your floors should always look like NEW, and we strive to guarantee this by using our specially formulated tile and natural stone care products.

Whatever your hard floor requirements, make CSB your hard floor cleaners of choice.

For a free quotation for our professional stone floor cleaning Cardiff, Bridgend, Cowbridge and the Vale of Glamorgan, call Kevin and Mair now on 01656 859 611 or 07716 364 148.