Please note: No horses were harmed in the cleaning of this stair carpet.

Say what? Honestly now, no horses were harmed.

Haha … I’m talking about our 18 horsepower carpet cleaning machine that we use on every job.

Although, 18 horses would be nice yet not all doughnuts come with a hole.

So what’s all this power about?

Our Truck Mounted carpet cleaning machine is petrol driven and produces IMMENSE power!

Why does power 💪matter?

2 reasons, heat and suction.

Let’s begin with heat…

Hotter the Better

Firstly, truck mounts produce heat, portable machines don’t.

Portable machines rely on your tap water. Even if you use hot tap water, by the time it’s poured into the machine and run through the pipes, your averaging only 30c by the time it hits your carpet.

The engine of a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine heats the water to a staggering 110c. Yowza! 🥵

But it’s even better than that …

It constantly maintains the heat therefore, the water hits your carpet near enough at maximum heat.

Wouldn’t you agree that hot water dissolves grease and dirt better than lukewarm water?

I should think so.


Secondly, the more powerful the carpet cleaning machine is, the more suction it emits.

Suction is vital!


Because more suction means MORE dirt can be sucked up from your carpet.

Plus, the more suction we have the more water we can use to rinse your carpet.

Again why is this good?

The more you rinse the better the clean. Simple!

One more thing …

Because our machine is SO powerful when it comes to suction, we’re able to remove MORE moisture from your carpet.

The result??

Your carpets are left touch damp and dry within just a few hours. #missionaccomplished

We also use our Truck Mount for sofa cleaning.

There’s much more to tell you about our carpet cleaning service, which you can read about in the link.

I really hope I get to “see you” in the comments.

Chow for now 👋.