We LOVE Training Courses!!!

But not as much as my homemade cinnamon buns though. They’re to die for…yummy!

Yes Kevin and myself (Mair) recently went away on a holiday to Stockport to TILEMASTER, the leading floor restoration training facility in the UK.

Although I think Kevin was secretly hoping the holiday would be on a beach in the South of France…ha!

We have been on many…and I mean MANY training courses and have gained all of the leading qualifications in our chosen profession.

This coupled with our over 25 years experience in the business, gives us an unrivalled reputation for a high standard of excellence in the industry.

Watch and Be Inspired!

See what’s involved in our latest advanced floor polishing course.

Training. Training. And more Training.

So, WHY all the training you may ask?

Surely with all that experience and knowledge you can sit back and relax???

Sadly not! Here’s why…

Quite simply, equipment, machinery, methods and cleaning solutions are constantly changing (like me and my iPhones…hee hee).

So it’s important for us to keep our methods and ourselves at the cutting edge of this technology.

And most importantly…

…Our amazing clients will always receive the best restoration of their beautiful floors every time.

We take a lot of pride in our workmanship!

Kevin polishing a concrete floor on a course

A Course That Gives Epic Results

OK, sounds good.

But what happens at the TileMaster Advanced Floor Restoration and Diamond Polishing Course?

Whilst there is some classroom-based theory and best practice, thankfully, the majority of the course is hands-on and practical.

Which is ideal for myself (I have the attention span of a mouse in a classroom setting lol)

Mair polishing a floor with a Bimack Machine

It all sounds exciting, so what’s SO good about the practical side?

At the Tilemaster Training facility, they have fitted floors of every type of floor surface including various marbles, granite, limestone, slate, porcelain etc.

On these floors we can damage them, scratch them, etch them with acid basically destroy the tiles AS MUCH as we can.

Destroy the floors???

I know what your thinking.

WHY on earth would you destroy a floor?

Well…because it’s fun! And we get to play on machinery 🙂

That and the fact that we can go to work and restore them back to a NEW perfect condition.

If we can replicate the WORST scenarios to practice our skills, knowledge and equipment on, then we’re on to a winner!

Do you know what that means?

It means we are better equipped to deal with any problem that our lovely clients can throw at us, so we can restore their beautiful floors to a “LIKE NEW” condition.

And the BEST part is…

Our clients are delighted! We’re delighted! JOB DONE!!

Kevin and myself can confidently and honestly say, WE LOVE TRAINING!!!!