CSB – Experienced Stain Removal Technicians

Even though CSB carpet cleaning is successful in removing up to 90% of stains.

Unfortunately, when it comes to permanent stains, no carpet cleaning company can guarantee you complete removal of every stain due to varying factors.

Take a food or drink spill, for instance, they may contain a food dye that can actually dye the carpet or upholstery fibres.

Decaffeinated coffee for example, when manufacturers remove the caffeine from the coffee beans, its leaves the coffee a pale colour.

So, they then add a food dye to bring it back to the coffee colour we all know, this dye can change the colour of the actual carpet fibre.

Another factor is, the length of time the stain has been on the carpet, if you react quickly, you are more likely to remove a stain completely.

Branded Stain Removal Products – The Truth

Stain removal is a tricky technique, even trickier to remove if a customer has applied a shop bought stain treatment product.

See Kevin here removing some tricky glue from a carpet:

CSB Stain removal

I stress DO NOT attempt to use shop bought carpet stain removal products – they may permanently set a stain or prevent complete removal.

That’s why Kevin and Mair give our customers a free bottle of our professional stain remover to use when these accidents happen.

Using our stain remover increases the chances of removing the stain completely.

Purchase our stain remover for only £9.99 + Free local Delivery.

CSB are Experts in stain treatment, we have dozens of stain removal solutions at our disposal.

Check out our carpet cleaning video testimonials of some of our customers that have had all sorts of stains and spills. And how CSB were successful in removing them all.

Watch our video testimonial of Mrs Clancy one of our lovely customers.

She had a large soot fall stain on her lovely cream carpet, but by using our advanced stain removal techniques, we were able to restore it back to its former glory!

Sofa And Upholstery Stain removal

Upholstery stain removal is a delicate process, therefore using the right carpet and fabric cleaning experts is crucial.

Sofa stains can be trickier to remove due to it being a more delicate fabric.

Using the right stain removal product is vital. Kevin and Mair are well trained in upholstery stain removal and take great care and attention on your upholstery.

Take advantage of our services and see the results for yourself. We clean upholstery and carpets throughout Glamorgan.

Wondering how we professionally clean your carpets or upholstery? Watch our step by step cleaning process video and you will be amazed by the difference we can do for your carpets and upholstery.

See our free stain removal guide for more tips.