Word of Mouth

The best recommendation is no doubt word of mouth, so thank you, Mrs Davies, for being a lovely customer and for your lovely video testimonial, we greatly appreciated it.

Kevin and I were carpet cleaning in the beautiful Gower valley this week, enjoying the company of our kind, lovely customers.

We had previously been cleaning Mrs Cooper’s carpets across the road to Mrs Davies (please watch her wonderful video testimonial) and I must say Mrs Cooper was a sweet old lady that was full of life.

Please see Mrs Cooper’s video testimonial, you will be delighted to what she had to say about Kevin and Mair and her like new carpets.

Mrs Davies had seen our van and kindly asked us for a quote for her 2 seater sofa and 2 armchairs. Kevin professionally inspected the sofa and armchairs and gave a price which Mrs Davies was more than happy with.

Listen to what she said:

The Result

The sofa and armchairs had some tricky food stains which we dealt with prior to cleaning and the rinse extraction. Everything came up wonderful.

Mrs Davies was so happy she was more than pleased to give us a testimonial by video.

Kevin and Mair are experts in upholstery stain removal, we deal with numerous amount of stains every week so this was no problem!

If you would like a free quote to get your carpets or upholstery cleaned, please call us now or fill in the contact us form.

While you’re there check out our other video testimonials by our lovely customers.