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Multi Award Winning Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Neath

Kevin and Mair welcome you to our award winning upholstery and carpet cleaning Neath service.

Do you want cleaner, healthier, longer lasting carpets?

If you’re human, my guess is “Yes!” so read on…

With our carpet and sofa cleaning service, you can expect beautifully clean, healthier and longer lasting carpets and sofas.

What you’ll Benefit from:

  • Free deodorisation
  • Clean and delightfully smelling suites and carpets
  • Fast drying times
  • Kevin and Mair as your personal technicians
  • Truck mounted system (most powerful)
  • Long-lasting clean

– need I say more?

I’ll let Louise here say her piece…

“Had my sofa and carpets cleaned today by Kevin, what a fantastic job he’s done, they look brand new. I would recommend this company highly! Thank you, Kevin & Mair, once again for a fabulous job. XXX”

Blood marks removed from carpet after cleaning in Neath

From Start To End, Watch our Carpet Cleaning Process

Watch our 8 step carpet cleaning process and let me know what you think. Trust me, a few minutes from now your future self will thank you for it.

For Piece of Mind Guarantee with our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Neath

So let’s make a lil deal, ok?

Like all our customers in the Neath area, we’ll carry out the very best clean with the best results that are achievable with your carpets.

And of course, it’s rare but if for whatever reason you’re not totally happy with our repeatable, reliable results…

Let me know and we’ll refund every dollah! (with a smile).

Join Our hundred+ Customers in Neath!

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Multi Awards Won For Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning in Neath

I have some fan-diddly-tastic news to share with you.

I (Mair) was awarded Carpet Cleaner of The Year by TACCA, which is now a part of the NCCA (National body for the carpet cleaning industry).

This was not just a local award, this was out of the whole of the UK!

What was the award for?

Well, apart from achieving fabulously clean carpets, for instance, the landlord thought this stair carpet was uncleanable after previous tenants trashed it.

– Think again! Look at the results.

Beige stairs after carpet cleaning in Neath

But as I was saying, our award was for outstanding results, customer satisfaction and most of all…

…for being overall honest people that deliver the cleanest clean possible!

Better still, get this…

This national body doesn’t give out awards just for anything (like other award companies do).

ONLY 1 National award has EVER been awarded by this National body.

– That speaks for itself!

Trusted. Local. Honest Carpet Cleaners Neath

I have more news!

Neath’s Trusted Local Cleaner Award

We were also awarded the Trusted Local Cleaner Award by the NCCA.

Again, for what? Amazing results of course!

Award winning carpet cleaning results in Neath

What does Trusted Local Cleaner mean?

It means we have an incredible track record of customer honesty and satisfaction from our customers across the Neath area.

– We have the reviews to prove it!

Here’s what Kristina said:

“Professionally carried out service and explanations from the start! Schedule an appointment to meet my needs. Mair was very realistic about what could be provided. Kevin arrived on time, worked efficiently, and did a wonderful job. Our carpets had seen plenty of mess, but now it’s looking better than when we moved in!”

What does that mean to you personally?

You can trust us that by the end of your clean, you’ll have…

…Beautifully clean, fresh smelling carpets with long-lasting freshness.

Carpet Cleaning Reviews Neath – Are We Liked?

Before you read our customers’ carpet cleaning reviews, I’d just like to show you our most recent stair carpet clean.

Now that’s what I call CLEAN!

Dirt removed by carpet cleaners in Neath

Now the question is, Are we liked?

Pssst…down here.👇See for yourself.

This is what Owen thought about our carpet cleaning Neath service…

“Very impressed with the professionalism & industrial equipment used. Fabulous service at a very competitive price!! I would highly recommend. P.s Westworld all caught up with! Incredible!!.”

What about Gemma? Listen to what she had to say…

“Received a response as soon as I messaged them. Very fast, wonderful service and did an amazing job on my carpets. Will definitely be using them again.”

And there’s plenty more talk on our clients reviews.

Do you live in Briton Ferry, Skewen, Bryncoch or Tonna? Then let’s get your carpets cleaned now – Call us!

Should YOU Get Your Sofas, Rugs and Carpets Cleaned?

Decisions, decisions.

If you’ve been putting off your decision of whether or not to get your carpets cleaned, now’s the time to make a choice.

But let’s be real—

There’s no such thing as NOT making a decision.

Whether you climb on board and get your carpets cleaned or not, you’re making a choice.

You can either…

  1. Carry on looking at your carpets getting dirtier and dirtier or…
  2. Call Kevin now and get your carpets beautifully cleaned with our truck mounted system that delivers outstanding results Every. Single. Time.

Just look at the results.👇

before and after rug cleaning Neath

This could be that decision that leads you to…

…fresh and beautifully clean carpets or…

Tired looking, soiled carpets?

It’s up to you.

So what will it be?

Will I see you in my next carpet clean?

If you have more questions, or still are unsure,

Hit the call button right now and I’ll make sure to respond so that you can get ALL the info you need to make that decision.

Good news is:

You’re still here reading this, which means you still have a choice.

The only question is… will you be ready to BOOK your next carpet clean with us and enjoy cleaner, healthier looking carpets?

With our unbeatable carpet cleaning results, you absolutely will!

Remember, your upholstery will need cleaning at some point as well.

We provide the BEST sofa cleaning Neath service around – Guaranteed!

How Often Should You Get Your Carpets, Upholstery and Rugs Cleaned?

Have you ever met someone who has carpets in their home that are 10+ years old yet look spotlessly clean?

Like, annoyingly clean as if they’ve never been walked on?

If so, I wouldn’t be shocked.

Simple truth is, they just get their carpets cleaned on a regular basis.

Carpet cleaning business van in Neath

So the question is, how often should YOU get your carpets cleaned?

It’s advisable to get your carpets cleaned on an annual basis.

Even if your carpet looks reasonably clean, there are plenty of icky bacteria around that will happily hijack onto your shoes or pet paws and run ragged on your carpet.

If you’re wondering how we get rid of pesky bacteria, watch the video above on how we clean carpets.

In fact, your future self says it’s a MUST watch.

So if you don’t want to annoy the future you (I sure don’t)…

…Watch the video.

Mair Kevin, Your Personal Carpet and Sofa Cleaners in Neath

“Who will be cleaning my carpets…Tom, Dick or Harry?”

Nope. Just me and big Kev.

As a husband and wife tag team, Kevin and myself carry out ALL cleans.

That means EVERY customer of ours get the SAME high standard of cleaning with impeccable results.

So we won’t send Tom. or Dick. or Harry. To clean your carpets or upholstery.

And if you’re wondering what our mugs look like…

…This is us!


Mair and Kevin carpet cleaners Neath

We’re always out and about providing unbeatable carpet cleaning Neath and throughout the surrounding areas.

No doubt you’ve probably seen our van whizz by,

‘Cuz, ya know, like. You can’t miss the big dalmatian dog on the side of the van!

We’ve cleaned hundreds upon hundreds of carpets and sofas in the Neath area.

Question is, will YOU be our next customer?

Why not call Kevin now on 07716 364 148 and find out.

You’ll be surprised at our very competitive carpet cleaning prices and offers available!