Our Continued Journey…

This is just a quick update for our customers.

Just to say that we have now been awarded as advanced NCCA members.

What does that even mean and why should you even care?

Well, it means that we’ve had an awesome track record in training, customer satisfaction, a continuous training programme and the most amazing expertise and equipment in South Wales.

Oh…and did I mention the MOST amazing expertise! 😉

There are very few NCCA members, nevermind advanced members.

So to be awarded this accolade is an honour and something we’re VERY proud of.

But, What does this mean for you?

This means that when you choose us, you can be confident you’re choosing the MOST amazing carpet cleaning service available in South Wales.

Not long ago, we were also awarded the Trusted local cleaners of the month award by the NCCA. 🙌

But best of ALL, I will never forget the time and fun we had promoting a new APP for the Apple iPhone for SAGE software company.

You can watch the full video promotion here <<<

They even used our mugs (faces, not cups lol) on their website!

Ok, that’s me done.

Have a great week. See ya!