Delicate yet effective cleaning

I came across this beautiful French sofa chair when called out to remove a rather large beer stain.

Mair cleaning a sofa

As usual, these type of chairs have a more delicate fabric than your ordinary sofas, hence they require a more delicate cleaning method.

The one thing that really rattles my cage is, the fact that the majority of sofas and chairs do not include the material contained on the labels.

You would think that would be an important factor to include on a label, yet manufacturers seem to not think so.

How do you identify what fabric it is?

Good question. As experienced technicians, carpets are easy to identify through a burn test but as for sofa fabrics, it is a lot trickier.

A sofa alone can contain many different materials, the more expensive a sofa is the more likely it is to contain a more delicate material.

We carry out a scientific test to identify the fibres before we proceed with the cleaning.

By doing so we can clean the sofa using the correct system and solutions based on our initial detailed survey.

There are many unqualified cleaners out there that will not know how to carry out this test.

So, when it comes to choosing a company, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can about their background.

Not knowing the sofas material content can be very detrimental to your sofa.

Take a Duresta sofa, for instance, these types of sofas often contain a high Viscose content.

What is Viscose and why caution is needed?

Viscose is also known as Rayon is basically a wood pulp that is highly absorbent.

It’s extremely important that you ONLY dry clean a sofa that contains a high viscose content.

If you were to wet clean a sofa that has a high viscose content, the viscose would absorb the water and burst the fibres – irreversible damage.

Therefore, it is important to choose an experienced sofa cleaning technician that can clearly identify your sofas material.

You need not worry when it comes to your upholstery. And think about getting your rugs and carpets cleaned at the same for a healthier home.

We have cleaned many different sofas throughout our 25 years’ service and know exactly how to clean these complex materials safely and effectively.

Check out our video on YouTube of us cleaning a sofa, and while our there watch our customers video comments on how pleased they were with our sofa cleaning service.