Wonderful Testimonials By Our Delighted Customer

CSB aim to provide the very best carpet and upholstery and sofa cleaning service.

Just see for yourself via our video testimonials how pleased our customers are with our services.

Our Customers Thoughts?

The gentleman in the video is Mr Bradley from Coytrahen – What a wonderful man I must say. Very approachable, kind – and boy! was his house beautiful. Surrounded by lush woodland, quiet and tranquil, I admit, I was jealous! It was a pleasure to work in such a wonderful place.

We cleaned Mr Bradley’s stairs, landing, hall and sitting room carpet. Using our HWE (hot water extraction) method, the carpets came up amazingly.

Mr Bradley was so pleased with results of our carpet clean, he was more than willing to leave us a video testimonial. I must admit – I was chuffed with the results also! It made my day.

What is HWE? (Hot water extraction)

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, HWE is no doubt the best method on the market.

Other alternative carpet cleaning methods may appear the cheaper alternative but they only clean the tips of your carpets.

HWE method is when hot water is sprayed under pressure onto the carpet and is then followed by a powerful vacuum – it’s what we carpet cleaners call rinsing.

This cleaning method allows us to give your carpets a real deep thorough clean while leaving your carpets residue free.

Please note, HWE is not to be mistaken for steam cleaning, they are two completely different methods.

HWE is the only cleaning method classified as deep cleaning. All other cleaning methods are considered light surface cleaning due to the incapability of removing soil deep in the carpet pile.

Kevin and myself are fully trained and qualified in the HWE cleaning method.

Choosing an unqualified cleaner can leave a legacy of potential problems.

What about the do-it-yourself approach? I’ll be straight with you – don’t bother.

Damaged fibres tips, flooded carpets and overuse of detergents which only leads to rapid re-soiling. A complete waste of well-earnt money and a possible costly replacement.

Just take a moment and look at our blog page about rental machines.

On there you will see a classic example of a carpet that’s been damaged by misuse of a rental machine. The customer completely destroyed the carpet fibres – irreversible damage!

Having your carpets professionally cleaned by us is the best choice you will ever make when it comes to keeping your home fresh and hygienically clean!