Project Description

Slate Floor Restoration – Colour Enhanced Sealant


One of my favourite slate floor restoration jobs!

Apart from being a cold morning hence the woolly hat, the sun was still shining.

As for the floor, well…it looked pretty glum!

This was a small slate floor in a kitchen we did for a super nice customer.

The floor tiles and grout lines were pretty greasy so we had to use a stronger dose than usual.

We then returned the next morning to seal the floor with a colour enhancing impregnator.

I just LOVE colour enhancing sealant, it really brings out the colours.

I always advise my customers to opt for the colour enhancing sealant due to slate being very dull in nature.

Interested in knowing more? Check out our hard floor service.

Slate floor after being colour enhanced
Slate floor colour enhanced sealant example
Mair cleaning a slate floor with a Klindex Rocky machine
Cleaning a slate floor with a Klindex Rocky