Project Description

Tumbled Travertine Tiled Floor


A lovely tumbled Travertine tiled floor we restored in a beautiful farmhouse.

The original tiles had a honed finish yet, the customer LOVED the mid shine we showed her when we did the demo clean.

So, our mission was to transform this travertine floor from a honed finish to a mid shine.

We cleaned the floor first of all then went onto the diamond polishing stage (read more about our tile floor process).

Kevin and I polished the floor right up to a 3000 grit finish (mid shine) which gave the floor a beautiful lustre.

The results were STAGGERING!

Travertine stone floor cleaning
Travertine floor clean
Travertine Tumbled floor
Tumbled Travertine
Tumbled Travertine hallway mid shine
Travertine Tumbled Tiled Floors
Travertine Tumbled Shine Satin