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A Real Head Turner

This week, I want to share a few things on my radar right now.

Today we have been restoring a Jerusalem limestone floor.

Last week, a black marble, Travertine and yip…another limestone floor.

Next week, we’re tackling a pretty old flagstone floor in Margam Park.

I’m SO pumped up right now…💪

This has been the most joyful, magical and productive year ever! 🙌

But anyway, let me tell you a bit about this limestone floor we’ve been polishing today.

Me and Kev absolutely loooooove working with limestone. Like, really really love limestone.

Now, this floor had a fair bit of topical seal (nightmare) on the surface, which just trapped all the dirt in the stone’s veins.

So to begin with, we had to strip the floor of all that sticky icky topical seal.

Once the floor was sticky free, we needed to reveal a fresh new surface to the stone by honing it down.

Then came the polishing stages. This is where the fun starts!

We mechanically polished the floor using our diamond-impregnated pads on our beast of a machine to create an admirable shine.

Our customer just wanted a nice glossy shine to the floor. So guess what? That’s exactly what we did!

We returned early the next day (tired, droopy dog eyed) to seal the floor using a clear impregnating sealer.

Impregnating sealer gives maximum protection when it comes to a polished floor because the sealer penetrates deeply, and fills all the stones pores which helps prevent any stains seeping in.

The floor looked as gloriously good looking as the day it was laid. Check em’ out.👇

As always – thanks for reading, watching and welcoming me into your world.

Buh Bye!

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limestone floor polishing Dinas Powys
limestone floor restoration Dinas Powys
Limestone floor polished
polished limestone
polishing limestone before after