Project Description

Nero Marquina Black Marble Floor

This Weeks Floor Project: Nero Marquina Black Marble Floor
Task: Complete Restoration
Finish: High Shine

We LOVED this job!

Black marble is such a beautiful stone to work with. Unpredictable…yes, but beautiful.

Now this marble floor had a few etch marks here and there and the shine had dulled quite a lot in the traffic areas.

So our task first task was to hone the floor down.


It basically means taking a very very thin layer off the surface of the marble, revealing a fresh new layer.

Now as you can see in the video, this leaves a matte finish to the floor, so our next task was to restore the shine.

Black Is Back!

Yes…Black is Back alright! Watch this complete transformation of a black marble floor.

Polishing Stage

We used diamond hybrid pads for this job.

We find it’s the best way to restore a high shine and clarity to any marble.

We’ve restored high shine to many marble floors, check out the shine on THIS queen beige marble.

So, how do these pads work?

They mechanically polish the surface of the marble.

A bit like sandpaper, where you start with a coarse grit and finish with a fine grit, it’s the same principle but we’re using diamonds not sand.

After that, we rinsed the floor and you can see BIG Kev (BBQ Hula Hoop eating champ!) in the vid, just buffing the floor off to make sure there’s no marble residue left on the surface.

It’s important to get a flawless surface before we apply the sealer.

We then left it to dry out overnight.

Ceramic tile clean

Black is the New Black!

We returned the next morning and sealed the floor with a colour-enhanced sealer.

The sealer HAS to be applied and buffed off by hand btw…

(Exhale depressedly!) 🙁

Sadly, there’s just no way around that, and less is more in this case.

Very little has to be applied because the black marble’s pores are very tight and the sealer can seep back out of the marble later on if too much is applied.

Colour enhancer works fabulously on black marble it really deepens the colour and gives the floor a nice ping to it.

I have to say, the floor looked EPIC!

And Our lovely customer was amazed at the results.

I mean, who wouldn’t be, it looks beautiful!

Ok, that’s that. Thanks for reading and watching the vid.

Have a great week. See ya!

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Ceramic floor cleaning
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