Project Description

Making a Travertine Floor Look Like a Million Bucks!

Client: Mr Morgan
Floor: Tumbled Travertine
Objection: Remove wax build up, polish and seal

Really enjoyed restoring this tumble Travertine floor this week.

But lately, we seem to be restoring more and more Travertine that have ridiculous amounts of wax layers on.

Just recently we transformed a Limestone floor from a beast to a beauty!

The worst was this Sandstone floor we restored recently.

Wax is a NO NO!

If you want a lovely shine to your floor, get it mechanically polished instead.

It will last much much longer and stay cleaner for longer. Plus, easy maintenance, Win Win! 🙌

But anyway, back to what I was saying.

With this floor, we first had to remove the wax build up using a Winnex brush that literally eats through the wax.

I don’t know where we would be without this brush!

After that, we polished the floor to a 3000-grit finish (mid shine).

We returned the next day to seal the floor with a clear impregnating sealer.

Mr and Mrs Morgan were delighted with the transformation – See Mr Morgan’s Facebook review here.

Wax removal before and after Travertine floor
Travertine floor clean before and after
Tumbled waxed Travertine floor cleaning
Before and after Travertine floor clean