Project Description

Love the satin matte finish? So do we, and so does Mrs Mcnabb! 

Delicate subtle matte finish, lustrous high-shine or semi-gloss? The possibilities are endless…

Calacatta Marble – a lovely, high-end natural stone attractive for its unmistakable look and valuable irregularity.

This natural stone is a rarity indeed with its thick, bold veining and soothing white background and colour tone, which makes it popular with designers and architects.

In the picture below you can see Kevin carrying out a free demo clean. As you may well have noticed, the difference in colour is dramatic!

Our customer was not wanting a high shine but more of a satin matte finish.

We cleaned the floor and diamond polished the surface using a 3000 grit pad in order to achieve the desired level.

Calacatta Marble floor
Kevin tile master demo machine
Calacatta Marble