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Sofa cleaning Cardiff

Prestigious Award Winning Sofa Cleaning Cardiff

Treat Yourself To Clean, Bright And Fresh Smelling Sofas!

Exceptional Sofa Cleaning Cardiff

When you choose Kevin and Mair of CSB upholstery and sofa cleaning Cardiff, you will not only ENJOY the feeling of sitting in your fresh, CLEAN, vibrant looking sofa… 

But you’ll also have peace of mind that your sofa is Hygienically Clean for you and your family.

upholstery cleaning Cardiff

No longer do you have to throw out the sofa you LOVE because of dirt, dust mites and bacteria. CSB Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Cardiff offers you a complete cleaning solution for your lovely home ALL year round.

Grease, Dirt and Soils Removed

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Make Your Home Feel all Cosy & Warm!

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Award Winning Transformation! 

Take a look at we achieved with this armchair below. We cleaned the armchair using our SCT system and method.

Previously it LOOKED LIKE THIS…

Dirty armchair


Armchair been cleaned

We Continue To Astonish Our Lovely Clients 

For many more happy customers like Jane and Lisa, head over to our reviews page.

Jane is as Happy as EVER

carpet cleaning review by jane

“They have don a fantastic job. Hope to have them back again”

Truly Exceptional Sofa Cleaning Service In Cardiff

With our QUICK and EFFICIENT truck mounted cleaning system, your sofa or lounge chair will be freshened-up and back in use within 2-4 hours. You’ll feel PROUD once again to have your friends and family around to visit anytime.

If you would like to SAVE MONEY by having your other furnishings done at the same time, then visit our Cardiff page.

Mair cleaning a sofa

EVERYDAY, your furniture is subjected to a lot of moisture, food, dust, wear and tear, all of which DAMAGE the material.

With our regular and professional fabric upholstery cleaning service, your furniture will continue lending a touch of class to your home year after year.

Another benefit of having your sofas regularly cleaned is, you will notice a considerable reduction in the wear and tear of the fabric, consequently, increasing its lifespan.

Both Kevin and Mair are trained technicians in even the most delicate of fabrics. Our cleaning systems will remove stains and smells from your upholstery without damaging the colours or texture of the fabric.

Latest Spots, Stains & Dirt Removed 

Just one of many sofas we’ve freshened up this week.

sofa cleaning in Cardiff

Dog Smell? Get Your Sofa Deodorised!

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How We Clean and Get Your Sofa Looking Cosy

Step 1. Pre-inspection and Survey.

To begin with, I will carry out a test on the fabric so I know exactly which system is the most appropriate to use and also to check the fabric for any existing damage. By now Kevin will be outside getting the solutions ready (while sipping his coffee you’ve made him).

Step 2. Dry Soil Extraction.

I will then pre-vacuum all areas of the fabric with our HEPA rated commercial vacuum, coupled with a specialist hand tool. By now Kevin will be ready with the solutions.

Step 3. Pre-spot/Stain Treatment.

Prior to the pre-spray, Kevin will treat the areas of your sofa or upholstery that have marks or stains on. These will be treated with our special non-detergent stain remover.

Step 4. Pre-spray.

Kevin, with his intelligent, educated choice of cleaning solution will begin applying it to all the fabric, to loosen up all soils, grease and ground-in dirt.

Step 5. Gentle Buff.

I will then carefully work the pre-spray into all the fibres with a soft pile brush, making sure all the fabric is well conditioned. No doubt, Kevin will most likely have the machine up and running by now (likely gulping down his cold coffee he has forgotten about – yak!).

Step 6. Steam Extraction Rinse.

We LOVE this part. Just as you can see in the video above, Kevin or me (whoever gets there first) will flush out the dirt, grease and any cleaning residue with our rinsing tool. Watching the dirt being easily released from the fabric and seeing the beautiful original colour appear, is AMAZING!

Step 7. Brushing and Setting The NAP

We then will wipe down the fabric with a cloth or a brush, removing any marks and setting the NAP (fabric pile) to its correct position.

Step 8. Speed Drying

We will then place a few speed dryers in front of your furniture to speed up the drying process.

Step 9. Final Inspection

My super handsome husband, Kevin, will then invite you to inspect your beautifully cleaned sofa or upholstery to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Video case study carpet cleaning

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