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karndean floor cleaning Cardiff

Karndean & Amtico Floor Cleaning & Restoration Services In Cardiff, Bridgend & Cowbridge

Effortlessly Restoring The Look You Want

Kevin & Mair are South Wales’ Top Award Winning cleaners specialising in Karndean and Amtico floor cleaning and restoration in Cardiff and furthermore, throughout all major towns across Glamorgan.

Amtico floor cleaning cardiff

We specialise in cleaning, restoring and maintaining you much loved Amtico and Karndean floors while achieving high standards expected by our clients at very competitive prices.

We are thoroughly prepared, trained and skilled Amtico and Karndean cleaners in Cardiff.

Call Kevin and BOOK your Free DEMO now on 02922 093 015 / 07716 364 148 and let us demonstrate what we can achieve with your floors. 

What Can We Do For Your Floors? 

  • Remove dirt, grit, grease and grime

  • Treat scratches and stains  
  • A choice of finishes from satin to high gloss 
  • Apply protective sealants
  • Restore the luxurious feel and natural beautiful appearance
  • Enhance your floors glamorous premium look
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Certified Amtico and Karndean Floor Technicians

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Beautiful, Timeless Restoration

CALL 02922 093 015 NOW for a Free Demo Clean

Restoring The Character & Beauty Back Into Your Floors

For over 25 years, we have been utilising leading-edge equipment along with specific cleansing solutions that dissolve the dirt, grime and those chemical residues left behind after mopping.

And what’s more…

Its gentle, caring and produces very effective results.

Karndean floor cleaning Bridgend

So, at the point when your floors are dull and miserable, when your glossy floor has lost its character, when you feel like you’re walking the plank, it may be a great opportunity to consider calling in Kevin and Mair to breath life back into your floors with our tailored approach Amtico and Karndean professional cleaning and restoration method.

So, what is our cleaning method? The answer – SFCT

What Is SFCT (Smart Floor Cleaning Technology)

Smart Floor Cleaning Technology is the latest advanced equipment combined with specialist breakthrough formulas and our tailored bespoke cleaning process.

So, what exactly is it? Click on SCT and scroll down the page until you find hard floor cleaning and read why it’s the best breakthrough technology yet!

A Less Demanding Clean

Both Amtico and Karndean vinyl floors retain their beauty for a long time. Practical, hard wearing, limitless varieties with all the natural beauty of wood without the drawbacks.

Yet at some point, you will need to get them professionally restored to their fascinating design and Unique Beautiful Characteristics  – and of course to retain their lifespan.

Interestingly, Karndean and Amtico are much less demanding to clean than other floorings.

Your Amtico or Karndean Floors Not Looking Good? Here’s Why!

When you purchase a Karndean or Amtico floor, they recommend that you clean it with their products to guarantee appropriate cleaning.

Unfortunately, improper continual over application of this product can promote a build up of a residual layer of sticky detergent that attracts dirt and grime.

How Come?

Well, If you think about it, no matter how much you mop your floor, detergent residues will be left behind – detergent residues attract dirt, hence when you walk on your floors, the dirt sticks to it. Every time you mop your floor, you’re adding to the residual layer.

Therefore, professional cleaning and restoration is the only way to remove the layers of grime and maintain the HEALTH of your floorings.

Amtico and Karndean floors are designed to last, however, all things look and feel better when they’re given a little care and attention.

We have tailored maintenance plans that will create and maintain the look you want throughout your floors lifetime. Call Kevin and Mair now to discuss your floor options and to book your free demonstration on 02922 093 015 / 07716 364 148

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