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You’ll Experience An Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Bridgend Service Like Never Before!

Kevin and Mair are Prestigious Award Winning carpet technicians delivering outstanding carpet cleaning Bridgend and throughout South Wales.

You’ll LOVE your Dry, Bright and Beautifully Clean carpets again with our deep-thorough, smart carpet cleaning service.

Blood stain on a cream carpet

No other cleaning system can offer the power and outstanding results of our Truck Mounted Steam Extraction Cleaning System.

PROVEN and recommended by the leading carpet industry, steam extraction is the best cleaning method there is.

How We Get Your Carpets Looking Fab? See Us In Action!

Our POWERFUL professional truck mounted machine has IMMENSE suction, therefore our machine can extract all the dirt and moisture from deep down in your carpet pile.

Carpets So Beautiful You Won’t Believe it!

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You Deserve The Care Of A Specialist

Kevin and Mair attend every carpet, sofa or upholstery clean.

Whether it’s a one-off carpet cleaning service you require or a regular visit from us, we strive for excellence and your complete satisfaction in our carpet and upholstery cleaning. We also specialise in rug cleaning.

The reason CSB Carpet Cleaning Services has been so successful is due to the repeat custom and positive word of mouth from our customers.

Lisa Jones the lovely wife of The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones made this comment. 

Winners of The National Carpet Cleaning Award

Mair was Awarded First Place and Winner of the National Carpet Cleaner Of The Year by TACCA out of the whole of the UK. We truly are National Award Winners!

Awarded for our exceptional knowledge in the science of carpet cleaning restoration, our outstanding cleaning achievements and informational videos.

TACCA (The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association) only offer membership to fully qualified, trained, insured and reputable carpet cleaning companies of a certain calibre.

Guaranteed! The Fluffiest, Cleanest, Freshest Carpets - Or It's Free!

If you are not 100% delighted with our spectacular carpet cleaning service, We will happily return and re-clean any area free of charge. If you are still not satisfied, We won’t accept your payment – and your cleaning is FREE - Kevin and Mair

Become One of Our Smart Customers!

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Smarter Approach To Cleaning 

Our Method of a Smarter Way to Cleaning 

Blue circleSMART

Our Smart time-tested cleaning method is a multi-stage process that involves our advanced cleaning equipment, breakthrough formulas, our extensive knowledge, experience and training, all combined with our intelligent method that’s enabled us to deliver the best possible cleaning results fast, hassle-free and at the most competitive possible prices.

Circle iconCLEANING

Our leading-edge Smart cleaning solutions work on molecular levels. They break down the dirt and soil molecules into tiny particles which enable our Truck Mounted cleaning system to remove them effortlessly. Because these Smart solutions do all the work prior to extracting, we are able to use less water which means fast drying carpets.


We use high heat which boosts the cleaning products effectiveness and efficiently helps to kill virus and bacteria and to remove the dirt and soils without damage to your carpet! As a result, your carpets are left Hygienically Clean! 

Mrs Davies Loves Our Smart System!

Woman standing in kitchen smiling

“Really pleased with the excellent job you’ve done of the carpets. Thank you very much indeed”.

CSB Assured Checklist Guarantees Your Complete Satisfaction

  • Experts In Our Field – Professionally Trained and Qualified by industry leading organisations. We have over 25 years of providing an unbeatable service.
  • Non -Damaging, Eco-friendly Solutions are used to ensure we cannot remove colour or damage fibres. Safe for Babies, Pets & You
  • Fast Drying Carpets & Fabrics – Our cleaning system is designed to leave your carpets as dry as possible so you can get back to normal within a short space of time!
  • Non – Re-soiling. Our cleaning method ensures no residues are left behind so your carpets stay cleaner even longer. For residue free sofa cleaning, see our upholstery & sofa cleaning Bridgend. We also provide hard floor cleaning Bridgend, carpet cleaning Maesteg, Cowbridge and all major towns. 
  • We have invested in the most powerful carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment available in the UK, which gives Superior Results to ANY other Electric Units, brought into your home – Guaranteed.
  • No Minimum Wage Staff used who may have no care for your furnishings or your home (this happens a LOT with other companies!). Kevin and Mair Hunt attend every carpet and upholstery clean.
  • Liability AND Treatments Risk Insurance – You can book CSB with peace of mind knowing that your carpets and upholstery will be in safe hands. 

Our 8 Step Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning Process

Before your amazing carpet cleaning experience:

NOTE: Please remove any breakables and items from tables and other furniture that will be moved by us. Remove ALL small items such as boxes, magazines, shoes, toys etc. in the areas to be cleaned. Also, we kindly request that you arrange for pets and children to be away from the area where we are cleaning for safety reasons.

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

As a matter of first importance, each of our incredible carpet cleaning experiences begins with a proper and careful pre-inspection. Essentially, this involves identifying the backing, the construction, the fibres, checking for stains and whatnot.

This is a VERY important because this initial survey will determine what method we need to use to provide the optimum clean specifically for your lovely carpet.

Either I or Kevin will make sure that you are fully aware of any health and safety issues while we carry out the clean and we will always ask whether you have any questions, worries or concerns. We want you to be 100% happy from start to finish.

Step 2: Dry Soil Extraction

We then thoroughly vacuum your carpet with a commercial grade high filtration vacuum cleaner. My favoured vacuum cleaner for this is…the Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Simple because it’s a great powerful machine. It has a beating brush that beats the carpet as you’re vacuuming which is great for removing dust, dirt and it’s brilliant for picking up pet hair.

This step is to REMOVE as much dry soil as possible. Up to 85% of the dirt is removed. Removing as much dry soil as possible is one of the most important steps in cleaning a carpet, one that we take very seriously.

Step 3: Pre-Spot Treatment

Kevin or I will use speciality spotting techniques to remove any stains. Note: At this point, we can make you aware of any stains that are permanent. Treating stains that are treatable beforehand ensures complete removal. 

Step 4: Furniture Moving

We will carefully move sofas, chairs, tables and any other furniture that’s moveable. Larger pieces, for example, display cabinets and large TV displays will be left in place for safety purposes.

Step 5: Pre-Spray & Gentle Buff

We will pre-spray ALL areas of your carpet using our unique non-detergent pre-spray that breaks down all the dirt particles and kills all those nasties in your carpet like viruses and bacteria. The benefits of this are, it gets your carpets HYGIENICALLY clean while protecting YOU and your loved one’s health.

Moreover, we delicately buff the carpet fibres. What that fundamentally means is, we utilise one of a couple of various machines we have that we feel will perform the best on your type of carpet. 

Our machine gently brushes the solution into all the carpet fibres, loosening all the dirt and nasties and breaking them down so they will be easier to remove on the next step.

Step 6: A Breakthrough System – Rapid Drying Steam Extraction Cleaning:

Once the soil has been loosened, our state-of-the-art high steam extraction process will thoroughly flush your carpet pile with an organic rinsing agent.

We carefully regulate the pressure and heat so your carpet is THOROUGHLY cleaned. Our truck mount can heat clean water up to 230F which not only breaks down grease and soils but also has the added benefit of killing and eliminating any bacteria, viruses, bugs and dust mites. 

Our machine is designed to leave your carpet as DRY as possible. Realistically your carpets will be bone dry within 2-4 hours at the most.

INCREDIBLY, because our machine removes more water, we are able to rinse the carpet more thoroughly. The amount of water flowing through carpet fibres is the most important factor that determines whether a cleaning is thorough. 

The benefit of using our truck mount is, we don’t need to use your electric or water to clean your carpets. It also makes the job quick and efficient so you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier home environment in no time, which means you can get back to enjoying the rest of your day.

Step 7: Post Grooming

We reset the carpet fibres by grooming your carpet gently. This raises the pile, therefore helping your carpet dry even FASTER and furthermore, improves visual appearance. 

Step 8: Post Inspection

We then invite you to walk through your home or business alongside us and inspect our work. Also, see our commercial carpet cleaning Bridgend

Have any questions for us or would like to BOOK our Service? Just simply call Kevin or Mair now on 07716 364 148 or 01656 859 611 for a FREE quote.

Kevin & Mair’s Achievements 

We have made tremendous progress over the past 25 years. Here are our Accolades to date. 

Sage software video case study
ncca logo

What Does That Mean To You?

We are proud Full members of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association). All NCCA members are fully qualified professionals and trained to the highest standards in the carpet & upholstery cleaning industry.

NCCA is the only qualification recognised by Governments and councils etc. All NCCA members must work to a stringent Code of Practice, which protects the customer. This includes extensive training on an annual basis and having full insurance on all work we carry out.


Just Simply…Clean, Bright & Fluffy!

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