Project Description

Client: Mrs Thomas
Flooring: Travertine Kitchen Tiles
Task: Remove wax, Re-polish and Seal.

So so many people put wax on their Travertine tiles.

Why? Why? Why?

Because some leading tile shops say so!

Look, just because they sell tiles don’t mean they know how to maintain them, because clearly, they don’t!

Applying wax to tiles only makes them get dirtier quicker and will get dull and patchy quickly as it wears off fast.

Then you’ll have to get someone in, at a cost, to strip the wax off.

I have a better solution – that lasts!

Get your floor mechanically polished.

Basically, we polish the stone itself, just like the marble statues you see in a museum.

The shine lasts much longer and gives off a clean and clear shine rather than a dull waxy shine.

This is exactly what we did with this Travertine floor and previously with this Travertine floor that looked like a million bucks after we finished.

And let’s be fair, it looks F A B U L O U S !!!

polished travertine floor

Travertine floor polished

polished Travertine kitchen floor