Project Description

Re-surfacing a Travertine Tiled Floor

Customer: Mr Bell
Floor: Tumbled Travertine Tiles
Job Task: Matte Finish. Re-surface and Seal

Mystery Matte or Super Shine? What would you choose?

Well, our lovely customer Mr Bell preferred the matte look to his Travertine kitchen tiles.

More often than not, most people choose a shine, yet the mystery matte look gives the floor a rustic farmhouse look.

I don’t mind the rustic look but my husband loves a glossy Travertine floor.

So our task with this floor was to re-surface the tiles.

Basically, we removed a very thin layer off the surface of the tiles to reveal a new, fresh stone underneath.

It would simply look just as it would look as if it just came out of the quarry – Clean, light and rustic.

We returned the next morning to seal the floor with a water-based sealer.

The floor look at clean and clear as the day it was laid!


Tiled Travertine floor before after
Travertine floor cleaners before after
Kitchen Travertine tiled floor before after
Tumbled Travertine kitchen floor clean before after