Project Description

Queen Beige Marble – Highly Polished

Floor: Queen Beige Marble Polished
Objective: Restore High Shine
Equipment: Rocky and Hybrid Pro Pads

Firstly, what a beautiful floor!

Queen Beige Marble looks fantastic when polished to a high finish.

This floor had some deep scratches, scuff marks and etching in some parts.

To begin with, we honed the floor right down to remove the imperfections.

We then began to work our way up through the hybrid diamond pads to the highest shine achievable.

Next day we returned to apply a clear impregnating sealant.

Have to say, it looked FANTASTIC!

You can see from the reflection of the chandelier and staircase in the picture below.

The clarity is magnificent!

Mirrored finish Marble floor reflection
Queen Beige Marble
High shined Queen Beige Marble floor
Polished vs unpolished Queen Beige Marble floor
Marble floor reflection
Kevin standing on a Marble floor in a Kitchen
Kevin polishing a Queen beige Marble floor