Project Description

Jerusalem Limestone Floor Restoration


Floor Type: Jerusalem Brushed White Gold Limestone
Clients: Mr and Mrs Roper
Polish Level: Soft, Light Shine – 1500 Grit

As the story goes, Mrs Roper contacted Mandarin stone for some help with a rather large crack across her Limestone floor.

Mandarine stone contacted Tile Master who deal with their troubleshooting issues via stone specialists like us.

We paid Mrs Roper a visit to do a free demo and to see the extent of the crack in her Limestone floor.

Mrs Roper loved the initial demo results and wanted to go ahead with the job.

Our first task was to strip all the wax off and clean the grout lines. After that, we began to hone the floor and then polish to a 1500 grit (very subtle shine).

Lastly, we dried off the cracks in the tiles and repaired them.

Next morning on our return, we sealed the floor with an all in one impregnator.

Mrs Roper said and I quote “It’s like I have a new floor”

Job completed!

Cleaning results of a beige Jerusalem Limestone floor
Brushed Limestone floor cleaning results
Jerusalem Brushed Limestone floor restoration before and after
Jerusalem Brushed Limestone kitchen floor
Crack repaired in a Limestone tile
Jerusalem Brushed Limestone crack repair
Lightly polished Jerusalem Brushed Limestone floor