Project Description

High Shine Marble Floor Restoration 

Customer: Mr & Mrs Bassage
Tile: Marble
Objective: Restore to a high shine
Equipment: Rocky plus Hybrid Diamond pads

First off, this is one of the most beautiful Marble tiles you could have in your kitchen.

Elegant, distinct veining and the light cream colour brightened the whole room.

It was SOOO beautiful I just had to video it. Just STUNNING!

To begin with, we had to lightly grind the floor down using a 200 grit hybrid pad to remove a few stubborn scratches.

For more of an in-depth understanding, read about our hard floor cleaning process.

We knew this was going to be a tricky floor to deal with because the tiles weren’t quite level.

Once we got the base ground and honed to a perfect standard, we then began the polishing stages.

Stating at 800 grit we tenaciously work our way through the grits right up to a WHOPPING 15000 grit!

The next day, we sealed the floor using only the highest quality solvent based sealer there is.

Mr & Mrs Bassage were very much delighted and SO were we!

High shine polished marble floor
Marble cream floor highly polished
White Marble floor high shine