Project Description

Cosy Conservatory with a Blue Tinted Limestone Floor

Client: Mr Naidoo
Floor type: Blue Tinted Limestone
Task involved: Polish and seal

This week it was nice to be working over the border in Chippenham restoring a lovely blue tinted Limestone.

We often travel over the border not only to restore stone floors but also to provide carpet cleaning in and around Bristol and upholstery cleaning for many customers.

The sun was shining and fair do’s, this was a pretty straightforward job.

No wax – Yay! No topical sealer to remove – Double yay!

First, we cleaned the floor and the grout lines then mechanically diamond polished the floor to a 3000-grit finish.

A 3000-grit finish is the best finish we advise for tumbled Limestone. It always gives a beautiful gloss-like finish.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a cuppa coffee in a warm conservatory with a clean floor!

Before and after limestone floor cleaning Chippenham