Project Description

Revitalising A Chinese Slate Floor 

Situation:  Prior to being contacted, Mrs Matthews was renovating her old beautiful farmhouse in Llanrhidian.

Mrs Matthews had a Chinese slate floor and as you can imagine, it accumulated a lot of debris while renovations were going on.

The Challenge: Dirt, paint and dust gathered in the slates natural riven surface which can be challenging to remove.

Solution: We used a monster brush attached to our weighted rotary machine. The brush is very abrasive and is able to penetrate between all the nooks and crannies in tiles surface.

After cleaning, we allowed the slate to dry overnight and then we applied the colour enhancing sealer.

Result: Using our combination of knowledge and technique, we had transformed this Chinese slate floor to a clean, sophisticated look with enhanced colours.

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Chinese slate floor cleaning
Slate Floor Colour Enhanced
Chinese Slate floor colour enhancing sealant
Slate floor restoration