Project Description

Altro Safety Flooring Strip and Clean

Floor Type: Altro Safety Flooring
Client: Valley and Vale Community Arts
Task: Strip and Clean Only

Altro safety flooring is usually fitted in wet areas such as storerooms, clinical areas, bathrooms and kitchens.

Altro is made out of PVC which has a non-slip vinyl coating.

These types of floorings are suitable for both commercial and domestic installations.

This floor did have some unreversible damage near the wall areas. As you can see in the pictures, the floor had various paint and glue stains.

Our first task was to strip the floor using our rotary to remove all the glue and paint. From there on we cleaned and rinsed the floor.

Seems simple enough right? Not at all.

At times we found ourselves on our hands and knees removing the last stubborn bits of glue and paint.

All our hard work was worth it in the end because our clients were super happy with the results.

We’ve cleaned a variety of floorings including our latest project, the cleaning and restoration of a Catania Limestone floor.

Grim removed from a white Altro safety floor
Altro safety floor strip and clean result
Altro floor restoration dirty and clean
Kevin cleaning white Altro flooring with a Klindex Rocky