Free Festive Season Cleaning!!

WOW!! Special Offer Free Festive Season Cleaning!! Have a free carpet clean on us. That's right for every 2 carpets cleaned by us and we will clean the third one for FREE!! Book Now to be guaranteed a clean before the festive holidays Terms and Conditions apply. Offer ends November 30th 2014. [...]

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Beware of Untrained Sofa Cleaners

You Get What You Pay For Oh Dear!! An inexperienced carpet cleaner was caught out and ruined your luxury sofa. The client went for the cheapest quote from someone who wasn't trained or qualified. When choosing a settee or sofa cleaning company, it's important to ask the following 4 questions. 1. How many years [...]

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Reason To Clean Your Mattress Regulary

Why Your Mattress Needs Cleaning Like any other surface we use and come in contact with regularly, mattresses should be cleaned thoroughly. And because it is fair to say that we spend a significant proportion of time in contact with our mattress, this is particularly important. To make matters worse, many of us, especially [...]

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