Word of Mouth – Another Fab Review

The best recommendation in my opinion!

Mrs Clancy cannot stress enough about the amazing results our carpet cleaning system achieved on her carpet.

But why?? Well, Mrs Clancy gas fire had blown up throwing soot across her cream carpet, thankfully she was ok.

Within 2hrs of calling us, we were at her door ready to rectify the problem.

Having dealt with soot fall many of times before, we were confident that we could get Mrs Clancy’s carpet looking clean and fresh as it once was.

I and Kevin got to work straight away and pre-treated the stain prior to rinse and extraction. With our advanced stain removal expertise, we completely removed the stain and Mrs Clancy’s carpet was looking immaculate.

Another satisfying job well done!

Are All Stains That Simple To Remove?

Truthfully, no stain is easy to remove. We carry out annually training to keep up to date with new advanced cleaning methods.

Stain removal is serious stuff, professional training and experience is a must! Some stains can take up to an hour to remove and a lot of effort and know-how on the cleaners part is required.

Unfortunately, I must stress this point, there is no guarantee that all stains can be removed completely due to varying factors.

One stain, for example, Curry! I love curry especially eating it in front of the TV, but it’s a nightmare if spilt.

Some curries are known to contain all sorts of food dyes and natural colourings. You know yourself that when you spill curry on your jumper, no matter how many times you wash it, it never seems to disappear. That’s because it’s dyed the fibres, same as it would if you spilt it on your carpet.

When accidents happen, be prepared.

If you have spilt something on your precise carpet or upholstery, follow our first aid treatments on our stain removal guide or even better, you can purchase a bottle of our professional stain remover for £9.99.

But if you have booked a clean with us you will receive a free bottle and a £10 off voucher on your next clean or you can pass it on to a friend or family member.