See us in Action!

Have you ever wondered how we clean your carpets?

And have you ever wondered what is the best way to have your carpets cleaned?

If yes then you are one of many people who really care for their carpets and upholstery.

Watch the video and see how we transform this beige carpet into a like new condition.

Kevin and I carry out all cleans, so you need not worry, your carpets are in safe hands!

Why A Video? – Why Not?

We often get people asking how we go about cleaning carpets and sofas, which made me think.

What if I create a video showing our customers our step by step cleaning process? Bingo!

There are many benefits to creating a video like this. Not only can people see our faces and who we are, but they can see the carpet or sofa being transformed right before their eyes.

Being able to see our workmanship via a video and how successful we are in cleaning carpets and upholstery, instils confidence in people.

Often when someone asks for a quote on the phone they mention my video.

They always say how informative it is and how they enjoy being able to know what we do with their carpets and sofas.

Before I did this video, I remember a customer telling me she was worried in case two guys turn up to clean her carpets, she said thank goodness you were a lady.

So, as I said, being able to see our faces beforehand is an advantage and can give people peace of mind.

If only I did this video earlier, the lady would have been more at ease.

Little Things That Benefit Our Customers

After doing my first video, it kind of snowballed.

My ongoing plans are to benefit and instil confidence in people by videoing how we go about our work and also showing you some tips and tricks when it comes to stain removal.

I want to show people and back up my claim why we think we are the best carpet and sofa cleaning company in South Wales and to do that the most effective way is by video.

I want customers to engage with our work and for them to know that we are their best choice.

Watch out for our stain removal and sofa cleaning videos – coming soon!