Should I Hire A Machine To Clean My Carpets?

It’s a familiar sight these days. At the local supermarket, you can rent a small carpet cleaning machine for as little as £30 for 24 hours, plus the cost of the chemicals (up to another £20) of course.

And it all seems very tempting too. After all, who wouldn’t want all their carpets clean and why pay someone else to do it? And surely it’s not rocket science?

Of course, the instruction leaflet that comes with these machines makes it clear how easy carpet cleaning is and how fantastic these rental machines are.

In fact, they’re so good, surely all the professional carpet cleaners are using them too?

So, Do Professionals And Qualified Technicians Use Them?

Absolutely not!!!

Don’t The truth is that these rental machines are pretty cheap and don’t clean your carpet. They certainly get your carpet wet but they simply don’t have the power necessary to remove the dirt, stains and soil from the carpet.

Rug Doctor don't DIY

Read my blog about professional carpet cleaning vs rental machines and you’ll see what I mean.

A professionally trained carpet cleaning technician will have spent many thousands of pounds on the right equipment and countless hours of training to do a thorough, professional job. A job that will leave your carpet clean, fresh and like new again.

To see how the professionals clean your carpets, <<< Click the link and have a look at the video on the page.