Another Recommendation

Ahhh…there’s nothing like a big mug of coffee in the afternoon….on your carpet I mean! – It’s easily done.

At some point in your life, you’ll find your soothing coffee, tea or hot chocolate sadly wasted and slowly disappearing into your carpet.

Jane, the lovely lady in the video is a wonderful carer for an old lovable lady, Mrs Skiffen.

Taking care of elderly people is not easy, but she is doing a wonderful job along with the other carers – I praise their hard work and their kindness.

Spill the beans or coffee for that matter

Jane called us after been recommended by one of our customers.

A large coffee mug had been spilt and jade with her quick thinking used our professional stain remover which we had given Mrs Skiffen as a freebie on our last clean we did for her.

By using our professional stain remover as a first aid treatment, the coffee was substantially easier to remove – completely!

Using shop-bought branded products would have made it much trickier to remove it if at all or, even caused irreversible damage.

See my video on why you should not use shop bought stain removers.

This is the number one reason why we give all our customers a free spot remover. When incidents like this happen, it’s vital to use our stain remover.

Watch out for our free stain removal bottle giveaway on our Facebook page.

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