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Specialist Tile & Stone Floor Cleaning Llantwit Major And Dinas Powys

Kevin and Mair are South Wales’ leading stone and tile floor cleaning technicians, providing specialist tile and stone floor cleaning Llantwit Major, Dinas Powys and throughout The Vale of Glamorgan.

Limestone floor

We are skilled in the art of cleaning and restoring Natural Stone, Amtico, Travertine, Slate, Limestone, Terrazzo, Karndean, Victorian tiles, Quarry tiles, Marble, Sandstone, Terracotta, Ceramic and Porcelain. With over 2 decades of fulfilled hard floor cleaning results, we take genuine pride in our family-run business.

Diamond Polishing a Marble Floor 

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Certified To Clean, Seal And Polish Your Hard Floors

High Shine, Gloss or Satin Finish. It’s YOUR Choice

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Inspirational Natural Stone Specialists

We have committed such a large amount of our time and energy into studying the vast array of natural stones, their composition and how best to achieve perfect results.

The immense knowledge, expertise and skills we have gained is a direct result of our Passion and Enthusiasm for tile and stone floor cleaning Llantwit Major, Dinas Powys and The Vale of Glamorgan area.

Smart System Equals Smart Results

letter in circle blueblue circleSmart Cleaning Technology

The success of our work relies on our very own Smart bespoke methods, techniques and expertise that we have tested over and over again. Finally, we have a system that works perfectly and the results are pure brilliance. 

Latest Travertine Floor Job  

Another Travertine floor restored by our advanced restorations methods. Polished to a glowing finish and sealed.  

travertine floor cleaning dinas powys

What Can We Do For Your Stone Floors?

Apart from the regular cleaning and sealing of hard floors, we cover a range of specialist treatments for our customers stone and tile floors in Llantwit Major and Dinas Powys. Our expertise includes:

Diamond polishing: To smooth out blemishes, scratches and restores the floor to a lustrous glossy sheen.

Kevin hard floor cleaning

Honing: A method used for those that prefer the satin look with a smooth velvety feel. it is also less slippery when wet, however, it is more susceptible to soaking up liquid spills.

Crack and scratch repair: Although scratches can be repaired through diamond polishing, cracks will need more of a hands-on approach. We can repair all cracks using specialist colour matched stone fillers that match your tiles perfectly. Works particularly well on marble, granite and travertine.

Stain removal: As part of its natural texture, natural stone has a porous surface, it has many pinholes and open fissures. If your stone floors are not sealed, spillages can seep into these pores more easily.

We utilise a range of solutions and techniques to remove stains from your tile and stone floors. The picture below shows a red wine stain we removed from a limestone tile. *Please Note: We removed only half of the stain to show you the contrast. Due to the acid in the wine, slight etching on the surface of the affected area will be present. 

wine stain limestone tile

More Epic Work!  

Gorgeous slate floor restored wonderfully.

slate floor cleaning

Porcelain floor cleaned up beautifully. 

porcelain floor cleaning

100 year old Victorian tile floor restored – look at the revived colours!

victorian tile floor cleaning

Enjoy Your Beautiful Stone & Tile Floors For Years To Come

Maintaining your hard floors will not only add beauty to your home but VALUE TOO! Stone can last decades if looked after correctly. Regular maintenance along with our aftercare tips and products will prolong your floorings for many years to come.

We approach each client task with the genuineness, honesty and respect for your home.

Mair cleaning a marble floor

We are intensely mindful of the need to take great care throughout our cleaning process. Incredible consideration is taken and we ensure that all encompassing surfaces are completely secured amid our stone cleaning process.

Providing tile and stone floor cleaning Llantwit Major and throughout South Wales is OUR PASSION!

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