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Award Winning Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning Swansea 

Superior Sofa Cleaning Swansea

CSB upholstery and sofa cleaning Swansea are an Award Winning local family business offering high-quality upholstery cleaning in and around the Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot areas.

upholstery cleaning swansea

We use a POWERFUL truck mounted steam extraction system to remove dirt, stains and bacteria from deep within the roots of the fabric, and at the same time BRIGHTENS colours while leaving your sofa beautifully CLEAN, soft and dry.

Watch The Dirt Being Removed 

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Armchair in Need of a Freshen Up?

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Freshen Up Your Sofa With Thorough Sofa Cleaning Service

Just recently we restored this sofa armchair below from a tired and dirty appearance.

As you can see below, the prior stages have worked fabulously.

The contrast is INCREDIBLE!


Dirty armchair


Armchair been cleaned

Our Customers Are Talking!

Our Award Winning sofa and upholstery cleaning service is continuing to AMAZE our customers.

Lisa and her husband Carwyn Jones (First Minister of Wales) is just one of our many happy customers.

Award Winning Approved Members!

Kevin and Mair Hunt are FULLY trained & certified by the TACCA (The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association) and fully insured for accidental damage and public liability, so you can have TOTAL peace of mind when you choose us to carry out your work.

We are passionate about achieving the BEST possible results for our customers and that’s why we were AWARDED by TACCA for our commitment and exceptional cleaning achievements.

Relax In Your Beautiful Freshly Cleaned Sofa in Swansea

Over the years we have cleaned thousands of sofas and have achieved INCREDIBLE results without SCT system in Swansea area.

Our gentle and effective cleaning system cleanses your upholstery, conditioning your furniture while leaving them FRESH and cosy.

Your furnishings can be home to vast amounts of BACTERIA and contaminants, and dust mites are commonly found in human habitats, such as your sofa.

Mair cleaning a sofa

Thankfully, our truck mounted steam extraction process completely KILLS all traces of those nasties in your sofa.

Yet, besides improving the cleanliness of your environment, sofa cleaning can help to RELIEVE allergy symptoms and eradicate stale or musty smells.

SAVE Even More Money!

Why not get your other furnishings done at the same time and SAVE even more money? – visit our Swansea page.

Furthermore, we guarantee your complete 100% satisfaction or we’ll give you your money back.

Video case study carpet cleaning

Keep Your Chair & Sofa Smelling Fresh!

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How We Clean Your Sofa & Upholstery 

Our 9 step upholstery cleaning Swansea process along with our investment in the most modern, state of the art equipment, ensures that we can get the BEST results possible and FAST drying times.

Step 1. Inspection and Overview.

Firstly, I (Mair) will pre-inspect your sofa and perform a special test to determine the content of your fabric. The fabric content will determine what type of cleaning solution and technique we will need to use. We will also point out any potential permanent stains or areas of concern.

Step 2. Dry Soil Extraction.

In the meantime, Kevin will be vacuuming your textiles thoroughly BEFORE cleaning. This step will remove up to 85% of the dry soil and any loose particles from the cracks and crevices.

Step 3. Pre-stain Treatment.

Prior to any cleaning, we will pre-treat any spots or stains first. This ensures the EFFECTIVE release of any stains that are treatable.

Step 4. Toddler And Pet Safe Pre-Spray

Depending on your type of fabric, a designated cleaning solution made specifically for your fabric type will be applied to all areas of the fabric, leaving it to loosens and breaks down all the dirt that extraction alone can’t, this also speeds up drying times. This low moisture method of cleaning stimulates drying times.

Step 5. Gentle Buff

While the solution is working away, both of us will aid the solution into all the fabric fibres by using a buffing technique. This speeds up the process.

Step 6. Extraction & Rinse

The soils are then POWERFULLY extracted from the fabrics with a professional, gentle, and controlled rinsing tool, leaving behind NO cleaning residues and your fabric almost dry (see video above).

Step 7. Post Grooming

Once the cleaning stage is complete, we then gently groom the fabric to reset and stand the pile up correctly, which again stimulates drying times and overall appearance.

Step 8. Speed Drying

High-velocity air movers will be set around your furniture to stimulate drying times.

Step 9. Are You 100% Delighted?

Lastly, we will happily inspect your sofa with you once again to ensure your 100% delighted. 

Happy and Certified

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