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Award Winning Patio Cleaning Cardiff, Cowbridge & Llantwit Major

There’s Nothing Like Relaxing on a Beautifully Clean Patio!

Spiff Up Your Patio Ready For Summer!

We offer patio cleaning Cardiff, Cowbridge and Llantwit Major using our professional smart cleaning system.

Our bespoke cleaning system will clear away all the algae growth and dirt, keeping your patio clean, clear and looking BEAUTIFUL, so you can make the MOST of your outdoor fun.

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Latest Patio Demo Clean

Here is our most recent free demo clean we carried out on one flagstone tile. As you can see the difference is MASSIVE!  

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Get Barbecue Ready!

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Outdoor Entertaining Prep: Get Your Patio BBQ Ready!

Where else would be the BEST place to eat, drink and hang out with friends loved ones other than inside of your home?

The answer is?… on your patio in the beautiful Cardiff weather.

Spring is almost here (Hooray). Before you start using your patio for those summer barbeques, entertaining guests, relaxing and soaking up the sun! You’ll need to GET RID of the slippery algae, mildew and moss deposits that have built up over the winter months.

So getting your paving and patio cleaned early on in the year REALLY pays off.

But this doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect.

Remember, keeping up the appearance of your patio and concrete paving doesn’t mean breaking your back.

We can clean any size patios in the Cardiff, Cowbridge, Llantwit Major and the surrounding areas.


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Fully Trained & Qualified 

Let us ENHANCE the Look of Your Patio

Honestly though, who actually relishes the idea of cleaning their patio?

Sadly, we do 🙂 and we do it in style!

Our industrial state of the art equipment allows us to EASILY remove even the most impenetrable dirt, algae and grime with ease.

Once it’s dried, we will seal your patio with the appropriate sealant that will protect your patio and paving surfaces from the harsh elements and future stains while allowing the stone to breathe naturally.

We highly recommend sealing your patio for longevity.

If you think about it, your initial investment to lay the patio would have been a CONSIDERABLE amount.

Am I Right?…

It MUST be worth spending a FRACTION of the price to have it maintained and looking “GOOD AS NEW” once again or your money back.

And the good news…

Patio cleaning completely rejuvenates the appearance of your outdoor area and will increase its appeal and VALUE if you are thinking of putting it on the market.

So, if you have concrete paving or a patio, Kevin and Mair can keep your outdoor area looking its best. Just call CSB patio cleaning Cowbridge today for a free demo clean.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the advantages of a well-maintained, beautiful outdoor space?

We look forward to working with you.

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Check Out our Portfolio, You Will Be AMAZED!

Here are just a few of our COOL projects. There’s much more so take a peek through our portfolio.

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