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Award Winning Patio Cleaning Bridgend & Porthcawl

Spruce up your Outdoor Area for Summer with Patio Cleaning Bridgend & Porthcawl


Kevin and Mair from CSB Patio Cleaning Bridgend and Porthcawl is your local patio cleaning and sealing company with over 25 years of skill, experience and RAVING reviews from our customers.

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As we look towards a dryer part of the year you need to get your patio looking its best READY for all the BBQs your going to have this year!

Yet, you’ve probably noticed that it not only looks dirty but there is a slippery green surface covering your patio and concrete paving.

This build-up is usually caused by mildew and algae deposits that have accumulated during wet and damp weather we’ve had in Bridgend, Porthcawl and the Pencoed area over winter months.

Patios take a BEATING over the years, so spring is the ideal time to get your paving and patio cleaned ready for some outdoor FUN!

Recent Patio Demo Clean

Our latest free demo clean we carried out on one flagstone tile. As you may well have noticed, the difference is MASSIVE!

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Entertaining Guests? Get Patio Ready!

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Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer!

To make the most of your outside space for barbeques, other entertaining and general relaxation, you need to get your patio and concrete pavers looking FAB.

No matter how much you’ve spent on your patio and paving’s, all require quality maintenance to keep them in prime condition – LACK of maintenance allows paving and patios to deteriorate.

But no worries, that’s where we come in…

We at CSB Patio Cleaning Bridgend and Porthcawl have the ability to restore any material patio, whether it is brick, pavers, flagstone or concrete patios using our SMART high-pressure water technology that reaches heat up to 240 degrees.

Our time-tested system is proven to removes ALL mould, mildew growth, spores and algae.

Afterwards, we will seal your patio with a breathable sealant to protect and preserve its natural colour.

Restoring patios is our passion!

So, if you’re preparing your patio for a get-together, a party, or you just want to enjoy your backyard this summer… Call Kevin and Mair to spruce up your patio ready.

Call us RIGHT NOW for a FREE demo clean and no hassle quote.

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This is our Award-Winning Work! 

In our portfolio, you will find many Award-winning projects that we continuously keep adding to daily. 

Party on Your Patio? Get it Cleaned Up!

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