Floor Polishing Like You’ve Never Experienced

We LOVE Training Courses!!! But not as much as my homemade cinnamon buns though. They're to die for...yummy! Yes Kevin and myself (Mair) recently went away on a holiday to Stockport to TILEMASTER, the leading floor restoration training facility in the UK. Although I think Kevin was secretly hoping the holiday would be [...]

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Choosing A Wool Carpet. Triumph or Disaster? Read This First

Choosing The Best Fibre - A Conundrum  Durability, wear, stain resistance, pest resistance, cost. All things need to be considered when choosing a carpet for your home, after all, you want something that will look good in your home, feels amazing under your foot, and most importantly, lasts years. Yet, finding the best carpet for your [...]

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12 Reasons To Hire Us

Hire Us And You'll Experience An Amazing Service!  1. Personal touch: When you take out a service of any kind, I always feel it’s important to know who exactly is going to be turning up at your door. The same persons that you talk to over the phone (me or Kevin) are the same [...]

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Stain Busting Facts

CSB - Experienced Stain Removal Technicians Even though CSB Carpet cleaning is successful in removing up to 90% of stains, unfortunately when it comes to permanent stains, no carpet cleaning company can guarantee you complete removal of every stain due to varying factors. Take a food or drink spill, for instance, they may contain [...]

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Win A Free Carpet Clean For The New Year 2016!

Would you like the chance to win a free carpet clean in January 2016! Just enter our competition! The festive season will have passed and no doubt your carpets will have taken some beatings – The dreaded gravy spill due to overloading plate! Guest arriving a little merry and forgetting the shoes off rule! Well, [...]

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Mrs Davies Recommends CSB Carpet Cleaning

The best recommendation is no doubt word of mouth, so thank you, Mrs Davies, for being a lovely customer and for your lovely video testimonial, we greatly appreciated it.  Kevin and I were working in the beautiful Swansea valley this week, enjoying the company of our kind, lovely customers. We had previously been cleaning [...]

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Carpet Cleaning At A Victorian Mansion Hotel

Simply Stunning Hotel Kevin and I had an enjoyable afternoon cleaning carpets at the amazing Coed Y Mwstwr 4 star country house hotel, an absolutely beautiful Victorian mansion surrounded by 17 acres of woodland - what a stunning hotel! It was an absolute delight to freshen up their carpets. As soon as I entered [...]

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Our Unbeatable 8 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Choosing A Professional Carpet Cleaner There are many important factors to consider when choosing a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets or upholstery. Before you book your carpet or upholstery clean, it’s wise to find out their method of cleaning, after all, it’s your delicate furnishings that are at stake here. Machinery? This [...]

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Treating and cleaning a badly stained sofa

Delicate yet effective cleaning I came across this beautiful French sofa chair when called out to remove a rather large beer stain. As usual, these type of chairs have a more delicate fabric than your ordinary sofas, hence they require a more delicate cleaning method. The one thing that really rattles my cage is, [...]

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Great review from Joe Bradley

‎Joseph Bradley‎ to Cleaning Solutions Bridgend Ltd Managing Directors at JB MARINE LTD CSB cleaned my small sitting room, stairs, landing and hall where the dog had had some 'accidents' and I had spilt tea. Kevin and Mair did a FANTASTIC job and as others have noted the carpets really do look like new. [...]

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Recommendation By Mrs Cooper – CSB

A Wonderful Review Mrs Cooper from Swansea was overly delighted with the remarkable, friendly service she got from CSB Carpet Cleaning. So much so, that she was more than happy to leave us a video testimonial. And you heard it for yourself, she believes in speaking the truth and the truth it was. Kevin [...]

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Carpet Cleaning Review From Mrs Skiffen

Another Recommendation For CSB Ahhh…there’s nothing like a big mug of coffee in the afternoon….on your carpet I mean! - It’s easily done, at some point in your life, you’ll find your soothing coffee, tea or hot chocolate sadly wasted and slowly disappearing into your carpet. Jane, the lovely lady in the video is [...]

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Transforming A Dirty Stained Carpet

Check out our video In this video Kevin and I are cleaning a beautiful beige carpet in an apartment right next to the sea, what an amazing view! I admit, it was difficult to film with such an awesome view that kept grabbing my attention. It truly was the most beautiful scenic view we [...]

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Mrs Clancy Recommends CSB

Word of mouth - Carpet Cleaning Reviews The best recommendation in my opinion! Mrs Clancy cannot stress enough about the amazing service she received from CSB Carpet Cleaning, but why?? Well, Mrs Clancy gas fire had blown up throwing soot across her cream carpet, thankfully she was ok. Within 2hrs of calling CSB, we [...]

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Some lovely reviews

Jason Lewis Sullivan from Pontycymmer said "would just like to thank you for the excellent job you did on my lounge carpet today, we’ve had the carpet cleaned previously with another company and were in two minds as to have it done again as the results were poor. I can honestly say the carpet is [...]

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Free Festive Season Cleaning!!

WOW!! Special Offer - Free Festive Season Cleaning!! Have a Free Carpet Clean on us, that's right for every 2 carpets cleaned by CSB, We will clean a third one for FREE!! Book Now to be guaranteed a clean before the Festive holidays Terms & Conditions apply

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Beware of Untrained Sofa Cleaners

You Get What You Pay For Oh Dear!! An inexperienced carpet cleaner was caught out and ruined your luxury sofa - the client went for the cheapest quote from someone who wasn't trained or qualified. When choosing a sofa cleaning company, it's important to ask the following 4 questions. 1. How many years experience [...]

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Reason To Clean Your Mattress Regulary

Why Your Mattress Needs Cleaning Like any other surface we use and come in contact with regularly, mattresses should be cleaned thoroughly. And because it is fair to say that we spend a significant proportion of time in contact with our mattress, this is particularly important. To make matters worse, many of us, especially [...]

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