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Carpet Cleaning Porthcawl – Award Winning Cleaners

Kevin and Mair welcome you to CSB Carpet Cleaning Porthcawl.

We are a family run business providing a super quality service at an affordable and very competitive price.

This is what our customers LOVE about our service:

  • Super quick drying times
  • Superior deep clean
  • Clean, sanitised and fresh smelling carpets
  • Odour eliminated
  • Pets muddy footprints vanished

It gets better.

As part of our commitment to value, our services are always Honestly Priced.

CSB cleaning review “Many thanks to Mair and Kev who came to my home and cleaned my carpets today – very polite, friendly and most helpful. Kevin did a superb job of the carpets and my home feels instantly cleaner and brighter. I’m so delighted with the results, highly recommend them and their company. Thank you ever so much. Andrea x”

carpet cleaning blood stain

Here’s How We Get Your Carpets Looking Pristine!

Watch the video and give our Award Winning CSB Carpet Cleaning Porthcawl service a TRY and join all our other delighted customers.

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The Best Clean Ever Or Your Money Back!

Kevin and Mair want you to be totally satisfied with our services and so we are pleased to offer you a 100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee.

Risk-Free Carpet Cleaning. Try Us! 

Call 01656 859 611 / 07716 364 148

What Drives Our Business? Our Lovely Customers

Customer satisfaction is what drives our business and is at the heart of every job we do.

In fact, our work is so exceptional that once you are a customer of ours – then you’re a customer for life!

Apart from our customers, do you know what makes us happy?

Delivering what our customers WANT! Brilliantly CLEAN carpets at a beautiful price.

Here is Joe, one of our DELIGHTED customers that have been talking about Kevin and Mair.

client review cleaning

“Absolutely fantastic! Everything came up much better than I could have possibly hoped. Giving the dog and the state they were in it’s just miraculous”. – Joe Bradley.

UK Award Winners And Recommended By TACCA

We are proud to have won The Carpet Cleaner of the Year award out of the whole of the UK.

Awarded by TACCA for achieving outstanding work.

It is always good to know that Cleaning Solutions Bridgend are registered members of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance.

TACCA only offers this sought after membership to fully qualified, trained, insured and reputable carpet and upholstery cleaning operatives who clean to the highest standards.

Moreover, with the TACCA seal of approval, you can book CSB Carpet Cleaning with full peace of mind knowing your beloved carpets and upholstery are in the safest hands!

Experience All The Benefits With Our Breakthrough System!

So what’s this breakthrough system?

We use one of the most powerful state-of-the-art machine provided by the industry leaders, which only uses fresh, clean water when cleaning your carpet.

How does that benefit me?

This machine allows us to achieve a much deeper, CLEANER, FRESHER and longer lasting results.

And isn’t that what you want? 

CSB Carpet cleaning van

But that’s not it.

Don’t get me wrong, but there’s more to carpet cleaning than just the machine.

Following our 8 step cleaning process plays a major part, which requires exceptional expertise and enormous attention to detail.

All in all, throughout our 25 years’ combined service, our machine along with our strict code of practice, is what has enabled us to produced unbeatable results.

Being highly advanced technicians, we are experts in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, pet odour control, pest control, stain removal, carpet moth treatment and much more.

Video case study carpet cleaning

FREE quote for carpet cleaning in Porthcawl!

Call 01656 859 611 / 07716 364 148

Love Your Carpets Again, With Our Astonishing Clean

There’s no doubt in our hearts, we know you will be DELIGHTED with our rug and carpet cleaning Porthcawl service, we guarantee you the best clean ever! – or it’s FREE.

I’d like to reassure your confidence in us and just take a quick recap of the main benefits of our service.

But before we go into that, I’d like to show you our latest clean.

Astonishing results, isn’t it?

CSB carpet cleaning van

Back to what I was saying.

Firstly, as I’ve just mentioned, your clean is 100% guaranteed.

So what have you got to lose?

By now you’ll have realised our carpet cleaning system is of top quality. 

But here’s some things that might surprise you: 

  • Our cleaning system removes up to 95% of the moisture out of your carpet. After all, it is powerful.

So that means your carpets dries super fast!

  • All our cleaning products are biodegradable, child and pet safe.

What could be more important?

  • Your carpets are left residue free.

Because we rinse the carpet with using JUST fresh clean water, leaving them residue free, CLEAN and FRESH.

  • Surprisingly, our machine cleans at 220 degrees. 

That’s HOT! This heat maximises our cleaning leaving your carpets clean, fresh and fluffy.

Whether you’re a tenant, a landlord or a homeowner, Kevin and Mair are your local carpet cleaners Porthcawl.

Don’t Lose Out! Take Advantage Of Our Remarkable CSB Service

Carpet cleaning in Porthcawl is a specialised job, it requires costly training and vast knowledge and experience in the industry.

Kevin and Mair are FULLY trained and certified carpet and fabric technicians, we are polite, respectful and professional.

Furthermore, we know the best possible process that returns your carpets to their best possible condition.

Look at the difference in contrast of the carpet below. 

carpet cleaning contarst

Be it wool or synthetic fibres, we can provide fantastic results by using our extensive knowledge and expertise we have gained through years of experience in the industry.

Using only the best equipment, machinery, cleaning solutions, incorporated with our exceptional techniques, we achieve outstanding results every time.

Accompany Our Thousands+ Happy Customers

Call 01656 859 611 / 07716 364 148
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