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Carpet Cleaning Porth And Tonyrefail 

Award Winning Carpet Cleaning Porth: Kevin and Mair are a family owned business providing an award winning sofa, hard floor and carpet cleaning service.

What you get when you hire us:

  • Clean and Fresh carpets in no time
  • Carpets dry in 2 to 4 hrs
  • Best method used against grease and dirt
  • 100% happiness guarantee
  • Van mounted steam cleaning system

Our carpet cleaning service is the BEST around.

How do I know?

The proof is in the pudding. Listen to Fiona’s story.

carpet cleaning review“Had my carpet professionally cleaned ready for Xmas. I certainly didn’t expect miracles because due to the age of carpet and the fact that a couple of stains had not shifted after previous carpet cleaners attempted. But I used CSB for the first time and my carpets have come up spotlessly clean, like brand new!! – Fiona Evans

carpet cleaning blood stain

Our Bespoke Process

See here! Now you can finally see how carpets get cleaned.


Want Clean, Beautiful Carpets? 

CALL 01656 859 611 TODAY!

Why Get My Carpets Cleaned?

Apart from the obvious, muddy footprints, pet mishaps and red wine disasters.

Yes, these things do happen, it’s a part of everyday life. That is precisely why you have to call in Kevin and Mair of CSB Carpet Cleaning Porth and Tonyrefail.

But, there’s another reason.

Your health!

Look at the amount of dirt and bacteria we pulled out of this nursery carpet below.

cleaning colourful carpet in school

You wouldn’t want you children rolling around on that, would you?

Yet, a spotless, hygienically clean home isn’t only ESSENTIAL for the wellbeing of you and your family, but your PETS TOO.

Thus, with the wellbeing and security of your family AND pets at the top of your priority list, it’s only wise to CALL in professional carpet cleaners in Porth.

The bottom line is…

…with the assistance of CSB, you can RELAX in your beautiful home knowing that your carpets and furnishings have gone through a Full Detox.

Remember This!

All our cleans are 100% Happiness Guaranteed.

So Call us NOW for beautiful CLEANER carpets.

Go do it now — we are cheering you on from here = )

Mrs Jones LOVED Our Service!

We have successfully and happily been carrying out carpet cleaning Porth, Tonyrefail and the encompassing areas.

Throughout our 25 years experience, we have made MANY happy customers along the way.

See what Lisa said below (Wife of The First Minister of Wales).

Video case study carpet cleaning

Best Van Mounted System

We truly are one of a very few carpet cleaning companies in Porth and Tonyrefail that use the Hydramaster van mounted steam cleaning system.

OK, I know what you’re thinking…

…isn’t there just one system to clean carpets?

Heck no! Boy, life would be so much easier if there was.

There are many different carpet cleaning system that carpet cleaners use.

From van mounted to small portables.

What does van mounted mean? 

Long story short. It’s a petrol engine machine that’s fitted inside the van.

Here it is below.

CSB Carpet cleaning van

Plus, it has its own water on board.

So no more traipsing through your home carrying buckets of water from your sink…phew!

Aside from that, it’s IMMENSELY powerful.

Just imagine the power of an engine sucking up all the dirt and moisture from your carpet.

It’s proven to be the most effective way to remove dirt and soils from your carpet.

Even better still, it reduces drying times drastically.

Call Us! We're A Team of Specialists

Did you know?

We are one of a few registered individuals that are Government Approved Textile, Pest and Insect Removal Technicians.

Got Carpet Moth?

Feel free to give us a call, we’re your local friendly carpet cleaners. Call Today on 01656 859 611 / 07716 364 149.

A Little About Us And Our Ethos

We are devoted to the very best clean possible and take pride in ourselves on our dedication to consumer loyalty.

We continually keep ourselves updated with industry innovations, all of which is to give the homeowners situated in Porth the maximum benefit from our carpet and sofa cleaning service.

Kevin Mair carpet cleaners

Kevin and Mair have made a commitment to utilising Eco-friendly solutions.

By avoiding harsh chemicals we help to give your textiles a safer clean, as well as thinking of the environment.

We recognise that your beautiful carpets and upholstery are a BIG investment to any family, and this is the time when our skills and experience proves to be advantageous.

Cleaner Carpets Within a Few Hours!

CALL Today! 01656 859 611
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