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No.1 Award Winning Company For Carpet Cleaning Newport

A Warm Welcome from Kevin and Mair of CSB – Carpet Cleaning Newport and throughout the Vale of Glamorgan.

Let me guess, you want beautiful clean carpets that you will be proud of once again? No worries, YOU HAVE come to the RIGHT PLACE!

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We know exactly how to make your carpets, sofas and hard floors natural beauty shine as well as making you proud of your beautiful home once again.

How do we do this?

By using our ALL POWERFUL Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning. Our machine uses very high heat to break down grease and kill all those nasties in your carpet.

Apart from that, our beast of a machine has immense suction! Removing all the dirt, soils, allergens and moisture out of your carpet leaving them practically DRY, BRIGHT and HYGIENICALLY CLEAN!

Have a question for us? Would like to book our service? Simply call 01656 859 611 or 07716 364 148 and get your home looking cosy and clean once again. 

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Keep Those Germs At Bay With Regular Family-safe Carpet Cleaning

As a mother myself, I know children spend most of their time playing and rolling around on the carpets, and I’m sure you would agree.

Obviously, you want to keep your carpet clean to protect your families health. Regular family-safe carpet cleaning is a safe way to keep your little ones and the rest of your family Healthy and Happy.

Are you a new mum? Let’s face it, your baby will be crawling in no time which makes regular carpet cleaning an important part of childcare. Harmful germs may reside in your carpet which can also transfer to their mouth from their toys after being on the carpet, all the more to get your carpets regularly cleaned to be on the safe side.

Call Kevin or Mair now on 01656 859 611 or 07716 364 148 for a FREE No Hassle Quotation

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Moving Home? Get Life In A New Home Off To A Great Start With Fresh, Delightful Carpets

It’s important to give your new house a good clean before you move in and make it feel like it’s really yours. Having your carpets cleaned is the best way to get your home hygienically clean now before the rooms get filled and life becomes so hectic.

With your new home completely empty, you’ve got a unique opportunity to prep it perfectly. We can help you do exactly that! Our Deep Thorough Carpet Cleaning Service will leave your carpets Clean, Fluffy, Fresh and normally Dry within 2-4 Hours.

So, call us now on 01656 859 611 or 07716 364 148 and give your new home a fresh, clean start.  

Our carpet cleaning service in Newport will help you in the busy period of moving home and make it as hassle-free as possible. So you can focus on the more important things and enjoy your new home or make your old home welcome its new owners.

We annually attend specialised training to ensure we keep up to date with all the latest carpet and upholstery developments so we can continue to provide leading-edge carpet cleaning Newport.

Freshen Up Your Home With Our Popular Healthy Home Package

Suffer from Allergies? If you or one of your loved ones in your home suffers from allergies, you’ll want to get your home as allergen-free as possible. Whether you are allergic to dust, pets, mould or pollen, our Healthy Home Package is ideal for you.

We will thoroughly deep clean your carpets using our advanced multi-stage cleaning method which drastically minimises drying time while leaving them Clean, Fresh and Cosy once again.

Get your treasured Settee cleaned at the same time…

Having your suite and carpets done in just one visit can greatly keep disruption to a minimum, not forgetting, saving you money and time while giving your home that new fresh clean feeling.

We are continually amazed by our work and know you will be too. If you’re not – you don’t pay. No quibble

So, give Kevin or Mair a call now on 01656 859 611 or 07716 364 148 and give your carpets and upholstery a new lease of life.

Lisa and Carwyn Jones are just one of our thousands of happy customers. We were delighted that she loved our service.

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