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Kevin & Mair Deliver Award Winning Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

Look Beautiful, Smell Fresh & Feel Luxurious!

Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

Hi, we are a happily independent, family-run company providing an Award Winning carpet cleaning Cardiff and the beautiful surrounding regions.

You’ll feel amazed by your CLEAN, more vibrant and FRESHER smelling carpets again with our deep thorough carpet cleaning service in Cardiff – we guarantee it.

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Myself (Mair) and Kevin are a husband and wife team and are passionate about delivering an OUTSTANDING service to our lovely customers.

With our extensive knowledge joined with more than 25 years experience, you can rest ensured that you are dealing with a reputable company that GETS the job done right!

Check out our customer’s video testimonials.

See Us In Action! Our 8 Step Cleaning Process Video

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We’ve Been Busy Winning Awards!

Don’t forget to check out our Awards page. 

Superior Award Winning Carpet Cleaners In Cardiff

We are incredibly proud to have received recognition for our remarkable work results and our advancements in the science of carpet cleaning. 

We are especially proud of the award we have received from TACCA because we were voted FIRST PLACE and the WINNER by an association of 848 top leading industry members throughout the UK. 

TACCA accreditations are the most famed after carpet and upholstery cleaning awards awarded in the UK.

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Good feedback & happy customers is what we are all about!

As we are the leading carpet cleaning Cardiff company, our prices are EXTREAMILY competitive and our standard and quality of service are of the highest order.

Kevin and Mair of CSB Carpet Cleaning are constantly prepared to provide our exceptional commercial and domestic carpet cleaning services to the Cardiff area. Our customers always receive the BEST carpet cleaning service. 

Lisa Jones the spouse of Carwyn Jones, The First Minister of Wales, is one of our delighted customers. See her lovely comment below.

Not only do we do carpet cleaning, but we also provide other specialists cleaning services.

Mrs Clancy sitting by kitchen table

Mrs Clancy

“Well, I didn’t think anybody would be able to fix it because I made a mess of it trying to do it myself . They were here in a couple of hours time and did a fantastic job, I can’t believe it, I haven’t got to buy a new carpet, this is wonderful. I would highly recommend them!”

8 Reason To Choose Our Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Service

1. Dynamic, Powerful Equipment.

We utilise the most advanced carpet cleaning technology available, including our Truck Mounted cleaning system that delivers a THOROUGH deep clean of your carpets. As a result, REMOVING staggering amounts of dirt from deep within your carpet’s pile.

Furthermore, by intergrading our machine with our multi-stage prepping techniques, we have created the perfect system with PROVEN results. Our process leaves your carpets clean, fresh and fluffy – Guaranteed.

2. Your Furnishings Are Fully Protected

Fully insured, liability AND treatments risk insurance (not just liability insurance, which won’t protect you against items actually being cleaned).

3. 25 Years Experience and Training

In addition to being FULLY trained and qualified, we continue to annually invest in extensive training by industry leading organisations, as we have always done through our 25 years experience of providing an UNBEATABLE service.

4. Rapid Drying

With our powerful, quick and efficient truck mounted cleaning system, we are able to achieve FAST DRYING results. So, you can enjoy spotless and dry carpets in just 2 – 4 hours.

What is a Truck Mounted System? Aren’t they all just the same?

The answer is No.

Truck mounted cleaning systems are petrol driven machines that are mounted on your van. They are incredibly POWERFUL and are the best and most effective way in removing the moisture from your carpets.

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5. Long Lasting Thorough Clean

By using the latest breakthrough non-detergent carpet cleaning solutions, combined with our steam extraction process, we are able to deliver a lasting clean.

This unique process ensures your carpets are left residue free, which is great for you because your carpets and sofas stay CLEANER for LONGER.

6. Award Winning Clean

Award Winning Cleaners, Kevin and myself (Mair) attend every carpet clean. Hence, your furnishings are in excellent hands.

7. NCCA & TACCA Members

Recommended and Approved By The NCCA and TACCA. We are qualified members of The National Carpet Cleaners Association and The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance. Just to clarify, ALL members of the NCCA must go through extensive training and an exam in order to be recognised as trained professionals.

8. We Care About Your Health

Caring for your family’s health is a priority to you and us, this is the reason why we use Eco-friendly solutions that are completely safe for Babies, Pets & You. Likewise, every one of our products is Asthma and Allergen friendly.

Approved By The Official Trade Association

The NCCA ( The National Carpet Cleaners Association) are the only official trade association in the UK.

To be APPROVED by the official trade association takes an incredible effort, training and skill. We have achieved the highest accolade through attending many specialist training courses in textile and fabric cleaning and restoration and obtaining the necessary professional qualifications to be approved as full members.

TACCA Certified Carpet Cleaners

TACCA is a well-established carpet and upholstery association made up of honest carpet cleaning technicians working together to educate the general public and business owners of the importance of choosing a qualified service provider.

We are proud to be a part of this organisation and to have received an AWARD for our great services.

Moving Home? Get Clean Carpets for a Fresh Start!

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Our 8 Steps To Clean Beautiful Carpets

Step 1. Inspection.

Every carpet in every household is different. So, the very FIRST thing we do is discuss with you, our customer, about what is required.

Since I’m rather the expert at carpet identification, I will thoroughly inspect your carpet, both the pile and the backing. This is especially relevant when choosing the BEST treatment for an optimum clean.

This inspection includes discussing any stains or marks that are on your carpet and deciding how best to proceed.

Step 2. Dry Soil Extraction.

Next, I will then THOROUGHLY vacuum your carpet with a high filtration commercial vacuum cleaner (Likely, Kevin will be sipping his coffee at this point).

Would you have believed me if I said that up to 85% of the dry soils are removed with our professional vacuum cleaner?

Well…it’s true.

That’s why removing dry soiling is one of the most important steps in cleaning, one that we take VERY seriously.

Step 3. Specialist Stain Removal.

We will then use our professional stain removal products and techniques to remove troublesome stains. In spite of the fact that stain removal is not a guaranteed service, we do have a very good track record of removing the MAJORITY of stains we’re challenged with.

Step 4. Unique Pre-Spray.

Kevin (because he LOVES this part) will evenly apply the pre-spray to ALL areas of your carpet using his most favoured tool, the jet. This magnificent tool evenly applies the solution to the carpet in a controlled flow with ease. Hence, every fibre is covered nicely every time.

The pre-spray in itself is unique. It’s specially designed to electromechanically lift oily dirt and pollutants from your carpet so they can be quickly and safely extracted using our high-performance extraction machines.

Step 5. Pre-Grooming (Buffing)

At this point, I will be outside prepping the machine and ready for action.

In the meantime, Kevin will use a professional CRB grooming machine to delicately buff the carpet fibres. This is also a vital part of cleaning because it helps leave the soils suspended and ready to be extracted by our Truck Mounted carpet cleaning machine.

Step 6. Intense Rinse extraction.

As much as I LOVE this step, Kevin is the one you’re likely to see extracting your carpet (less the stairs, of course, that’s my job).

With our powerful rinse extraction system, we will flush out all of the dirt, bacteria and air pollutants from the carpet, giving it a LONG LASTING, deep down thorough clean.

Our lovable (yes..we do love it, it’s simply brill) yet POWERFUL extraction machine allows for consistent HIGH STEAM in addition to high pressure.

Furthermore, we are able to rinse your carpet with just water at very controllable amounts while extracting the MAJORITY of the moisture back out along with the soil, dirt and nasties.

As a result, giving the BEST clean possible while leaving your carpets fresh and beautiful.

Step 7. Protective Foil Tabs.

Your furniture is positioned back onto the carpet with protective foil tabs and Styrofoam blocks under the legs. This is to prevent the colour stain from the furniture leaching onto the carpet while it is moist.

Step 8. Post Inspection

And lastly (phew), we will walk with you through your home again to make sure all spots, stains, and traffic areas have been altogether cleaned.

During the post-inspection, we will go over the job with you and note any suggestions for the future that will help improve your carpet’s lifespan and cleanliness.

100% Happiness Guarantee!

Whether you need one room or your entire house cleaned, you can have complete peace of mind with the CSB 100% Customer Happiness Guarantee.

In case you’re not by any means Cheerful with the service we provided, then at that point, we will return to your home to determine the issue free of charge. Still not happy? then we will provide a full refund with no quibbles! – Kevin and Mair CSB Carpet & Fabric Care Ltd.

We Have Been Busy Training!

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